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I like contests that are (select as many as you want) ...
1. Random giveaways (anyone can enter, but no way to increase chances of winning)
2. HI2 knowledge/skill based (scavenger hunts, competitions, etc)
3. Raffle system (free ways to enter, but takes time/effort, able to increase chance of winning)
4. real life horse knowledge/skill based
5. creative and skill based (drawing, writing)
6. creative-based, no skill required (dress up contests)
7. Other (send us a suggestion to!)
Total of answers: 915

Total online: 8
Guests: 2
Users: 6
moose9306, Awesome, kaitlynrutman, Blazey, BowMorgan, Brish

Welcome to Esroh Legends, the #1 Horse Isle 2 help site!

Esroh Legends is your one-stop guide for all quests, minigames, guides, horses, and so much more!
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Winners announced!

Happy New Year everyone!

With the new year, we have 4 new contests that end on January 16. Be sure to enter them as soon as possible. :)

New Year Giveaway
White Socks Bingo
Rainy Day Horse Dress Up
Creative Crafters Wanted

The Breeder's Directory has also been reset, so please re-enter your breeds!
Views: 244 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2016-01-01 | Comments (0)

Position filled! Thank you all!

Hello! Esroh Legends is in need of 1-2 people to help with Horse Color Charts (the big charts you see under the description of Horse Breeds).

To do this task, you will need to:
- Know how to take screenshots on your computer.
- Know how to save an image as different file types (jpg or png)
- Know how to install font files onto your computer.
- Have an art program that can write text and change the opacity of layers (like Photoshop or GIMP).
- Know how to send file attachments through email.

Know how to do these? Awesome! The process of making horse color charts is very simple, just takes a bit of effort. :)

If you're interested in helping out with Horse Color Charts, please send us an email at
Please also indicate in your email if you know how to do all of the above and if you're interested in doing this temporary or long term for Esroh Legends and your HI2 username and main server.

This opening will close when the positions have been filled.

Views: 287 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2015-11-26 | Comments (0)

Edit 11/10: Cheesy Adventure and Pyramid Map versions have been reuploaded on their minigame pages.

October Contests winners announced!

Note from HI2 creators:
Sorry for the lack of updates. Miranda has been working basically seven days a week since August doing research on raptors during the fall migration here in the northern US. The season is winding down, so she should have a bit more time and will be able to get back to adding some content. Thank you for your patience!

New breed: Campolina

New companion: 3 Poodles: Black, Brown, White

New Quests: Two new quests
                     Princess' Bad Decision (30 qp)
                     ProfLongStorySon's Package (30 qp)

New Isle: Narner Isle (not viewable on the map) added to Plant/Tree Directory and Hidden Isles page.
Views: 268 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2015-11-03 | Comments (2)

We're hosting two small, but fun, contests this month! Check them out! They end on November 1. :)
Happy Halloween!
Views: 298 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2015-10-07 | Comments (0)

Update 10/1: A new quarter, a new LifeCycle Breeder's Directory! Put your breeds here:
Update 9/18: Player Health guide uploaded, thanks CandyNutmeg! We also rearranged the Guide tab into Game and Player, so it's easier to navigate.
Update: Ever been curious about what that tack set would look like on your horse? Well, we've got the pictures! Enjoy!

New Breed: Anglo Arabians

New Companion: Chameleon

New Quests: Two new quests
KaolinSon’s Packing Supplies (25qp)
MrSeaLanes’ New Hobby (30qp)
Views: 421 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2015-08-02 | Comments (0)

Are you ready for summer? Are you ready for free month subs and other awesome prizes?! Check out our summer contests!
All contests end on June 28, 11:59 PM PST. So hurry and get your entries in! Good luck!

Views: 979 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2015-06-12 | Comments (2)

New breed: Hokkaido Pony

New companion: Civet

Quests: Two new quests
JessesLass' Falcon Nest Inquiry (30 qp) [Intermediate]
What's in a Name? (25 qp) [Novice]

Bonuses: 5 new bonus points. Know what these are? Send them in!
 JessesLass Peregrine Falcon [1]

We also added lists of horses stats under each Arena guide, so you can see which breed has the best stats!

Views: 687 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2015-06-10 | Comments (4)

New Breed: Swedish Warmblood
New Companion: Ring-tailed Lemur
New Quest: MrsNightGale and the Cold Snap
New Bonus: MrsNightGale's Horse Hydration [1]
Views: 683 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2015-04-21 | Comments (5)

LC Breeder Directory has been reset... please enter your breeds!
You can find it under Horse Information > Breeding > Breeder's Directory

I've been very busy lately and won't be active for awhile... I apologize for any delays in getting information up.
Views: 652 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2015-04-01 | Comments (0)

Sorry for the delay of this post, but I have been craaazy busy. Without further ado...

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey! We had 216 responses from Eternal server and 183 responses from LifeCycle, for a total of 399 responses! Awesome!

Quick Summary of both servers (hopefully I didn't make any mistakes)
  Eternal Avg LifeCycle Avg
Players have been playing for... 3+ Years 3+ Years
Players spend ____ hours a week playing HI. 5-10 Hours 5-10 Hours
Players have ____ of Quest Points completed. 41-50% 31-40%
Players have ____ of Minigames Points completed. 31-40% 31-40%
Players have ______ in their bank. $15m-$50m $1m-15m
Players have ______ in assets. $15m-$50m $5m-$15m

For full Eternal results you can see the results here.
For full LifeCycle results click here.

There were 313  entries to win a month sub.
The winners are...
Gaara from Eternal and Astrid from Eternal!
Your month subs will be sent soon. =)

Speaking of prizes, you may have noticed the large gap between Eternal vs LifeCycle server contest prizes. The reason for that is that a majority of our squad are Eternal players and a majority of the prizes are covered by me. I only play on Eter... Read more »
Views: 1012 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2015-02-28 | Comments (5)

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