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I like contests that are (select as many as you want) ...
1. Random giveaways (anyone can enter, but no way to increase chances of winning)
2. HI2 knowledge/skill based (scavenger hunts, competitions, etc)
3. Raffle system (free ways to enter, but takes time/effort, able to increase chance of winning)
4. real life horse knowledge/skill based
5. creative and skill based (drawing, writing)
6. creative-based, no skill required (dress up contests)
7. Other (send us a suggestion to!)
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VanGogh, Debonnaire

Welcome to the Esroh Legends Blog!

This blog will feature topics from the HI2 forums that will benefit everyone. These include informational notices from Administrators/Moderators, fun Giveaways or Contests that you can enter, helpful guides or tutorials written by players, and interesting topics for player discussions and opinions.

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Server: HI1, HI2

Wow, we received over 250 fan art submissions! It was very difficult to select through them, and we will not claim to have done it based on any exact science. We certainly left some wonderful art out. So, mostly we looked at each art submission based on a bit of chance, on uniqueness, on effort, and on whether it was Horse Isle specific. In any case, here are 68 creations that we selected and gave out free Horse Tokens for. But just know that we enjoyed each and every submission.

You can see the art submissions from all three years at:

Thanks for sharing and enjoy!
-Joe and Miranda

For more information and discussion:

Category: Admin/Mod Notice | Views: 1012 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2013-05-03 | Comments (0)

Server: LifeCycle

Summary: For those you who read Coffee's Monthly Newspaper, they are offering a new feature to receive the newspaper a week earlier.

Hello everyone, it's Coffee!

And yes, you read the title correctly, I added a brand new feature. It may be small in the eyes of some and incredibly crucial in the eyes of others. How can you get this special new feature? Well, it's simple.

I work very hard to write, organize, and distribute the newspaper to over 750 subscribers for five hours over a Saturday and Sunday to add a fun, new feature to Life Cycle. It is so much work, and thank goodness I love to write because it takes up so much of my free time! I continuously ask players to send in suggestions and articles that they would like to see in my newspaper and the feedback is always fantastic. Other players like to sit back and read the news each month as a way to unwind after a long month of competing/breeding and do not feel the need to send in articles, and that's completely fine! However, I feel the need to thank players who contribute to the newspaper because I am truly honored to have other people's creativity in my paper. All of this continuous pondering led me to imagine the brilliant idea of the Golden Subscription.

As of 3/30/13, any player who contributes an article that is [[released]] in the newspaper will be rewarded with the Golden Subscriber achievement. This is a reward that allows you to receive the paper either one or two weeks before all other subscribers. This will *always be on a Wednesday*. [[Always]]. There will be separate dates in [gold] on my profile for these subscribers.

*I know this will increase the article submissions so, just like always, please remember that not all articles will be accepted because of the following reasons: Improper grammar/punctuation, Limited character space, Does not go along theme of that month, etc. (If your article meets required guidelines, it will eventually be in my newspaper, that is a promise I have to all subscribers, everyone has a chance to share their writing.)

*Just because you send in an article does not mean that you are guaranteed to be a Golden Subscriber. Once the paper is officially mailed out with your article [[in print]], the new featured will be activated for you before the next month.

*This achievement is only valid for [articles] that you write yourself. (At the bottom of the article will include ::by Username)
^ Players Portion, Forums, and/or mentions of your username do not count as contribution to the paper. Please use your own discretion on whether you should be given a Golden Subscription, in other words, no begging or complaining. Did you write an article? Did you write something that will help benefit others? If the answers to either of these is 'no', then you probably do not qualify for a Golden Subscription.

So what is the benefit of a Golden Subscription? I'm not quite sure why people want the newspaper before others, but I figured I should find a way to please you guys. I figured this was a fair and rewarding way to [earn] benefits. If you do not think this is fair, I'd love to know your reasoning. :)

Haven't heard of the Horseisle Monthly Newspaper?
The Horseisle Monthly Newspaper is a free mail message that is mailed out in the middle of each month. The paper has topics, info, help/tips, polls/stats, contests, and more all about Horseisle! *Remember* This is not a club or in-game subscription token.

Thanks everyone!

The Horseisle Monthly Newspaper

(copyright/trademark)The Horseisle Monthly Newspaper: The Name You Know; The News You Need

For more information and discussion:

Category: Contests/Giveaways | Views: 1402 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2013-03-30 | Comments (0)

Server: Eternal, LifeCycle

A new scam is making the rounds both here and off-site wherein people claim to be moderators, impersonate actual moderators using similar usernames, or say they are "stealth moderators" who are "part admin" and ask for your account information so that they can "fix a glitch."

This is nonsense. There's no such thing as a part admin. None of the *actual* admins need your account information to fix any glitches. No one associated with the game will *ever* ask for your account information.

No one asking for your pass word wants to help you. "I can show you how to get money" means "I'm going to clean out your account." "I can do your quests" means "I'm going to take your stuff." "I'm going to fix your account" means "I'm going to take your account so you can't get into it."

Play smart. Keep your personal info to yourself.

For more information and discussion:

Category: Admin/Mod Notice | Views: 1346 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2013-03-27 | Comments (0)

Server: LifeCycle

Summary: Updated formula for predicting foal height (our Esroh Legends calculator will be updated as well)

Now, first, kudos to Arabesque for being the first to attempt to make a Foal Height Prediction Chart; my work is possible only due to hers.

I used her table regularly, until I realized the math was not /quite/ accurate. (Blame the birth of a 4.3hh BSP, who is most definitely not growing up to be 7.2hh, but instead the proper minimum height for the breed: 8.0hh).

So, for the most part I agree with her equation. I just went ahead and recalculated all the math to include the proper hands-to-inches-to-hands conversions. (Basically, the math doesn't work unless you convert everything to inches first.)

[For those curious, the math I used originates from the "Golden Ratios," learned typically in 8th and 9th grade Math Classes.

The height conversion equation assumes that foals are born at 60% of their adult height. If you actually tinker around a bit, you'll realize that this percentage varies with each horse, and can be anywhere between 57% to 63% of their adult height. However, for averaging-sake, I've rounded the number to 60%. (Thanks Arabesque for figuring that one out!)

Now, to predict the height of your foal, you use the Golden Ratio. Let's use my 4.3hh filly as an example.

Now, first we need to convert 4.3hh to inches. Remember, there are 4 inches in a hand, so 4.3hh converts to 19" (4*4 + 3). (Remember: " is math talk for inches.)

Then, the ratio will look something like this: 19/? = 60/100. The ? is what we are solving for, the adult height. The equation is, quite literally, asking: 19" out of ? is equal to 60% out of 100%.

To solve this, you do the following: (19*100)/60 or 19" times 100%, then divide it by 60%, to get the magical adult height. The number you should get is 31.667", which rounds to 32". Knowing that there are 4" in a hand, we can then convert this to the foal's adult height of 8.0hh.]

Fortunately, I did the math for everyone. But for those who are curious, I thought it would be important to include my steps.

Please remember that this chart is not 100% accurate, but it /should/ predict the adult height of your foals within 1-2 inches. I went ahead and tested it against the horses of players who have been recording the heights of the foals. All of these numbers were close, with only a 1-2 inch margin of error.

Foal's Birth Height === Predicted Adult Height
(I included both inches and hands, just in case)

4.3hh (19") === 8.0hh (32")
5.0hh (20") === 8.1hh (33")
5.1hh (21") === 8.3hh (35")
5.2hh (22") === 9.1hh (37")
5.3hh (23") === 9.2hh (38")
6.0hh (24") === 10.0hh (40")
6.1hh (25") === 10.2hh (42")
6.2hh (26") === 10.3hh (43")
6.3hh (27") === 11.1hh (45")
7.0hh (28") === 11.3hh (47")
7.1hh (29") === 12.0hh (48")
7.2hh (30") === 12.2hh (50")
7.3hh (31) === 13.0hh (52")
8.0hh (32") === 13.1hh (53")
8.1hh (33") === 13.3hh (55)
8.2hh (34") === 14.1hh (57")
8.3hh (35") === 14.2hh (58")
9.0hh (36") === 15.0hh (60")
9.1hh (37") === 15.2hh (62")
9.2hh (38") === 15.3hh (63")
9.3hh (39") === 16.1hh (65")
10.0hh (40") === 16.3hh (67")
10.1hh (41") === 17.0hh (68")
10.2hh (42") === 17.2hh (70")
10.3hh (43") === 18.0hh (72")
11.0hh (44") === 18.1hh (73")
11.1hh (45") === 18.3hh (75")
11.2hh (46") === 19.1hh (77")
11.3hh (47") === 19.2hh (78")

May this improved table be helpful to those who use it.

(PS Moderators: As this thread includes accurate math, it should not be locked as a duplicate.)

For more information and discussion:

Category: Tutorials/Guides | Views: 6125 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2013-03-24 | Comments (0)

Server: Eternal

Summary: Writing contest hosted by HappyLamb, total $1mil in prizes

Write a story! Mail it to me! The best story I read will win! Details: Please write a story including a horse. Please keep it pretty short(I will not read your story if it is longer than two pages), and please don't say any bad words, or make fun of anyone. Don't be rude, and please don't copy a story off of Google or something. Prizes: I will choose one Grand-prize winner, one second-place winner, and two third-place winners. Please don't feel left out if you do not win. I might host another competition some other time! Okay. So, you're wondering what the prizes are.

Grand-prize: $500,000 (Your story is really creative, and I like it!)
Second place: $300,000 (Your story is good, with some good things that I like!)
Third Place: $100,000 (I like it better than some of the stories I've read.)

Deadline to enter: April 1st, 2013 Prizes will be announced and sent: April 6th or 7th, 2013

Enter today! Through mail only! Thanks!

For more information and discussion:

Category: Contests/Giveaways | Views: 1096 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2013-03-23 | Comments (1)

Server: LifeCycle


Server decided to not come back after a restart late last night.
Will credit subs 5 hours soon here.

For more information and discussion:

Category: Admin/Mod Notice | Views: 1031 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2013-02-22 | Comments (0)

Server: LifeCycle

A "glitch" is a programming error. It's a problem with the game, something that isn't working quite right. In many cases, you will want a glitch fixed, because it is a problem for you. (Example glitch: The horse you want to catch is standing in the ocean and it won't get out.) In these cases you probably know to post the glitch in the Bugs forum to alert us of the problem so it can be fixed!

But sometimes you may find a glitch that does something that benefits you. For instance, you find that every time you click on a specific rock, you get $500. It may be very tempting not to report that glitch, because hey, free money.

However, please remember that taking advantage of a game glitch is a form of cheating, which is against the rules. Even if the glitch is beneficial to you, you are still requested to report that glitch either in the bugs forum or via a support issue, *and* to stop taking advantage of it. You're probably going to get an A+ from the admins for being honest about the problem and it allows us to fix the issue. If you tell us but still continue to take advantage of the glitch, you are still cheating. Your A+ will be revoked and you will probably get vios. (This does *not* apply if support/admins/I tell you "Huh. I can't make it happen. Do me a favor, try it again, and let me know if it happens again." You just got a free pass to do it again.)

By the way, there is no such rock. :Pi

By the way, this really *is* a general reminder not directed at anyone in particular. A situation arose where I realized that players might see something like this as an Easter egg- "Hey, this is awesome, by doing these things, I can make it do something it's not supposed to do! That's pretty cool!"- and not realize it's exploiting a glitch. I can understand that line of thinking- I love finding ways to make things do what they're not supposed to (unless it's my code. Then I hate it.)

For more information and discussion:

Category: Admin/Mod Notice | Views: 909 | Added by: DutchDestiny | Date: 2013-02-17 | Comments (0)

Server: LifeCycle

Summary: A suggestion to have the updates set at a certain time every month, with some well-thought out explanations. What do you think?

Now, I want to first and foremost state that this is purely a suggestion. A well reasoned, logical explanation, with research, but a suggestion nevertheless.

If reading long posts scares you, this may not be the discussion for you!

Now, onwards to my actual post!

I believe that the admin of Horse Isle, one and two, eternal and life cycle, should establish a fixed date each month where players can expect an update. (Isn't that a nice thesis?)
What do I mean by this?
I want the admin to pick a date, a number, and on that day every month, we as players will be guaranteed an update. Maybe they decide to pick the 18th, or the 22nd, or whatever number holds some significance to Jor/Mirage/Other Admin. Then, every month, we would be guaranteed to have an update on that day.

Why is this important, you ask? We already get updates every month, you say?
But sometimes those updates are four weeks apart, and sometimes they are six weeks apart, but technically they fall under the "once a month" timetable. However, as players who have been waiting expectantly for this most recent update can attest, the inconsistencies between updates can be incredibly disappointing.

Now, why should the admin do this, beyond getting rid of any doubts as to when updates are? Well, here's where the research comes in.

Many popular web sites and online games already give users clear time frames for their updates. A popular site, which I shall not name, is an excellent example of this: this forum--the world's largest forum, in fact--is about to reach it's tenth anniversary, with millions of active users. Pretty impressive, right? Ten years ago, this site was being run out of one man's basement. And you know what he did to raise money? He decided that on the 15th of every month, he would have an exclusive update to the site. This web site has consistently had it's update on the 15th of every month, for the last ten years. They have since expanded their update roster considerably, and provide loads of other new content each month, but on the 15th users can know that they will be getting their traditional update. For users of this site, the 15th of every month becomes a day to look forward to--even if they go on hiatus for a span of time, on the 15th they would still be reminded of the web site that they used to visit. Users on this site regularly save part of their paychecks to monetarily support the web site on the 15th of every month; these updates are considered a good investment.

What my research and experience over the years across games and sites has shown( and even on humans in general)is that players value consistency and routine; having a reliable date each month for new content is a way to give this to them. It makes users more willing to invest money into a site, because they don't have to gamble in regards to *when* the update will arrive (only gambling on *if* it's a "good" update, but that's a different issue).

If Horse Isle, across all of it's different games, were to implement a set date each month for updates, I believe the company would see the following benefits:

1. Users will stop making threads about how the update is late, or asking where it is, etc. (Unless the admin miss their scheduled date, but they would presumably notify the players immediately in such an event).

2. Players will buy horse tokens more often, and in greater quantities. Knowing exactly when an update will be will encourage more users to invest in horse tokens, allowing them to put some money aside in preparation of the update day.

3. It will foster more admin-to-player communication. And while this is a separate issue, this has been a common complaint before, and the Admin should always consider more opportunities to improve this (perceived) issue.

4. Long-time players will become accustomed to the routine of a once-a-month update, and will be more likely to stick around. Players that leave for awhile, and maybe become curious as to how the game as changed, will be able to quickly figure out how many updates they missed. Players that have quit (or have maybe-quit-but-might-really-come-back-tomorrow) will have a higher chance of being tempted to rejoin the game, which is always a positive (for the community, and for the company's bottom line).

Some anti-timetable arguments I can already imagine, and some counter arguments:

1. But what if they have an update ready early/later than the specific day?
-If they finish with an update early, why then they can test it that much more thoroughly! And, as a business, they really shouldn't be missing a deadline. (And, as a business, they should also establish clear deadlines.)

2. This isn't really necessary at all/I like the current (non)schedule.
-Again, this is just a suggestion. The better question to ask is, would you be happier with or without a specific timetable? Or you're equally happy, either way--that's cool, too.

3. This will stifle admins' creativity.
-Coming from experience, most artists/writers/creators work better with deadlines. In fact, it doesn't take long before you either learn, or are taught, how to use approaching deadlines to your advantage to create better products.

4. We won't get any big/small updates this way.
-Big updates are already planned several months/updates in advance, and adding a specific timetable would not change this very much.

So. I've really planned this argument out. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

(And for students, this mini-essay features excellent uses of the colon, semicolon, the em-dash, and other forms of syntactical grammar. Enjoy!)

For more information and discussion:

Category: Discussions | Views: 1089 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2013-01-23 | Comments (1)

Server: Life Cycle

Summary: A nifty little chart to predict the height of your foals when they're full grown.

I've included a nifty little chart below, but I thought giving you guys the math would be useful seeing how I've done the heights in intervals of 0.5 hands. There is really only one thing you need to remember: foals are born at 60% of their total height, and their height increases at a rate of 10% each year until they have reached 100% of their total height.

For example, a horse is born at 9.0 hands.
9.0 / 6 = 1.5 (The foal is born at 9 hh, the 6 represents the 60%. The 1.5 represents 10% of the horse's final height.)
1.5 * 7 = 10.5 (Since 1.5 represents 10% of the foals total height, you'd multiply it by 7 to get 70%)
1.5 * 8 = 12 (Since 1.5 represents 10% of the foals total height, you'd multiply it by 8 to get 80%)
1.5 * 9 = 13.5 (Since 1.5 represents 10% of the foals total height, you'd multiply it by 9 to get 90%)
1.5 * 10 = 15 (Since 1.5 represents 10% of the foals total height, you'd multiply it by 10 to get 100%)

Any questions, please feel free to ask below! :3

0 Year - - - 1 Year - - - - 2 Year - - - 3 Year - - - - 4 Year
04.0 - - - - - 04.6 - - - - - 05.3 - - - - - 06.0 - - - - - 06.6
04.5 - - - - - 05.2 - - - - - 06.0 - - - - - 06.7 - - - - - 07.5
05.0 - - - - - 05.8 - - - - - 06.6 - - - - - 07.4 - - - - - 08.2
05.5 - - - - - 06.4 - - - - - 07.3 - - - - - 08.2 - - - - - 09.1
06.0 - - - - - 07.0 - - - - - 08.0 - - - - - 09.0 - - - - - 10.0
06.5 - - - - - 07.5 - - - - - 08.6 - - - - - 09.7 - - - - - 10.8
07.0 - - - - - 08.1 - - - - - 09.3 - - - - - 10.5 - - - - - 11.6
07.5 - - - - - 08.7 - - - - - 10.0 - - - - - 11.2 - - - - - 12.5
08.0 - - - - - 09.3 - - - - - 10.6 - - - - - 12.0 - - - - - 13.3
08.5 - - - - - 09.9 - - - - - 11.3 - - - - - 12.7 - - - - - 14.1
09.0 - - - - - 10.5 - - - - - 12.0 - - - - - 13.5 - - - - - 15.0
09.5 - - - - - 11.0 - - - - - 12.6 - - - - - 14.2 - - - - - 15.8
10.0 - - - - - 11.6 - - - - - 13.3 - - - - - 15.0 - - - - - 16.6
10.5 - - - - - 12.2 - - - - - 14.0 - - - - - 15.7 - - - - - 17.5
11.0 - - - - - 12.8 - - - - - 14.6 - - - - - 16.5 - - - - - 18.3
11.5 - - - - - 13.4 - - - - - 15.3 - - - - - 17.2 - - - - - 19.1
12.0 - - - - - 14.0 - - - - - 16.0 - - - - - 18.0 - - - - - 20.0
12.5 - - - - - 14.5 - - - - - 16.6 - - - - - 18.7 - - - - - 20.8
13.0 - - - - - 15.1 - - - - - 17.3 - - - - - 19.5 - - - - - 21.6
13.5 - - - - - 15.7 - - - - - 18.0 - - - - - 20.2 - - - - - 22.5
14.0 - - - - - 16.3 - - - - - 18.6 - - - - - 21.0 - - - - - 23.3

For more information and discussion:

Category: Tutorials/Guides | Views: 2311 | Added by: Aardvark | Date: 2013-01-21 | Comments (0)

Server: Eternal

Summary: Giveaway hosted by MetalHeart

I have decided to celebrate my accomplishments in Horse Isle so far by holding a little give-away. The winners will be randomly drawn.

All you need to do to participate is to send me a mail (no pm!) and tell me the breed and color of your dream horse in Horse Isle.

When I have received a fair amount of mails, I will announce a time at which the contest will be closed to new participants.

After that, I will put all the player names I've received in a virtual randomize-er and click "Randomize"! The winners will be announced in this thread and their prizes will be sent by mail.

The winner of the first prize will receive 150,000 $.

The second prize is 70,000 $ and the third prize is 30,000 $.

The will also be four runner-ups, who will receive a random two-colored halter with matching boots.

Now send me your mail about your dream horse right away!

For more information and discussion:

Category: Contests/Giveaways | Views: 1189 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2013-01-19 | Comments (0)

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