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I like contests that are (select as many as you want) ...
1. Random giveaways (anyone can enter, but no way to increase chances of winning)
2. HI2 knowledge/skill based (scavenger hunts, competitions, etc)
3. Raffle system (free ways to enter, but takes time/effort, able to increase chance of winning)
4. real life horse knowledge/skill based
5. creative and skill based (drawing, writing)
6. creative-based, no skill required (dress up contests)
7. Other (send us a suggestion to!)
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Welcome to the Esroh Legends Blog!

This blog will feature topics from the HI2 forums that will benefit everyone. These include informational notices from Administrators/Moderators, fun Giveaways or Contests that you can enter, helpful guides or tutorials written by players, and interesting topics for player discussions and opinions.

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Server: Eternal, LifeCycle

We have been having increasing issues with Role Playing and Multiple Accounts. Please take some time to go over the Rules and Detailed Rules so you don't end up with violations or banned from the game.

Role Playing
We have made the rules more specific for role playing so there is less confusion. The main thing to remember is Horse Isle does not endorse Role Playing. This means no advertising of any kind. Please take time to go over the Detailed Rules if you are a player that feels you must role play on Horse Isle.

Multiple Accounts
We continue to have problems with players having more than one account. The inability for players without a subscription to be able to trade has made it much harder for players to cheat using these accounts, however, it is still taking up a large amount of our time.

Please remember that players are allowed one account and only one account. If we find players that have more than one account, the accounts will all be banned and could all be deleted.

If you are ever banned, please click on the Help at the top of the page and contact us. DO NOT simply create a new account.

-Joe and Miranda

For more information and discussion:

Category: Admin/Mod Notice | Views: 1074 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2013-01-18 | Comments (0)

Server: LifeCycle

Summary: Although this is an old topic, it's still active. Opinions about the lack of horse space/barns and possible solutions.

Don't know if anyone's said anything on this but I think it needs to be addressed.

When LC first came out, I was under the impression that as a *breeding* game, the amount of horses that we could carry from the get-go would be much larger than that on Eternal, and that the carrying capacity of the barns would also be increased.

When it was shown that this was not the case, I scratched my head. It's not exactly intelligent to set two games up the same, yet gear one toward massive multi player breeding *and* catching, then other *just* for catching. I'm just saying, it doesn't make any sense.

Just as I and many others predicted, it didn't take long till people ran out of room. While there are multiple ranch spots, not every spot is going to be able to hold a barn. There are windmills, trainers, item production rings, etc that many people wish to use. We are faced with the challenge; destroy buildings for barns? Spend all of our money upgrading barns? Sell our stock that we worked hard and searched so much for when we really don't want to sell them?

I'm a member of a horse-hoarding club, have the esroh pitchfork, and the whole of my huge ranch (except 5 windmills and a horse store) is covered in gold barns. I can't even hardly have two breeds and dedicate my work to them because I don't have enough room! In fact, I have two horses sitting with another bud because I was trying to breed my mares evenly spaced apart to keep from being over max.

Then, comes the point that within just months, the markets are swamped. There's hardly any market for anything, because people just plain don't hardly have room - and non subs can't buy our horses, as most people don't own a ranch store.

This is a breeding game. And as such, I think we should have more space accordingly (And not just one extra space. Sorry to be so sarcastic, but wow, that made a lot of difference!) Adding one slot simply isn't enough for a massive multi-player horse breeding game if you want it to thrive and the players to be happy in my humble opinion. I have a few ideas -

1) Double the amount of slots barns give you. Instead of 1,2. Instead of 3,6. Instead of 5,10. Instead of 7, 14. On Eternal, my ranch is full of gold windmills and just 3 barns. Why? I don't need any because I'm not trying to breed horses. I only pick up those I want, which isn't many, and I have more room than I even need.

2) Foals don't take up horse slots until they're weaned. As my bud RedMare reminded me, most boarding stables *do not* charge for a foals stalling until it is weaned. I've never understood why new foals take up a entire space even though they cannot be removed from the mother - it doesn't make any sense.

3) Allow mare/foal sets to be auctioned.

Anybody else have any ideas?

For more information and discussion:

Category: Discussions | Views: 2917 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2013-01-16 | Comments (0)

Server: LifeCycle

Summary: Contest hosted by Goldie, 1 .5mil prize, ends Feb. 10

This is inspired by SourPuss' markings contest and a post in the forums I saw a while a go.
The contest is, I'll choose a breed and colour that I feel would be difficult to breed. To win you need to breed the selected breed and colour within one month. So that's the challenge, these are the rules:

*No token orders! (parents can be token orders, just not your entry)
*Must own at least one of the parents
*Can't be purchased
*First one to breed it wins
*Can't be already bred; has to be born during the month given

I'll be checking the horses history. The prize is 1.5 mil. When you've bred the required horse mail me the horses name, make sure your ranch is open. If you breed it and don't have a ranch, just try to catch me online. Contest closes on the 10th of February.
Hopefully the prize is enough to motivate a handful of people to enter; if you are entering, I'd love for you to mail me.

The first person to show me *one* of the following wins:
*Blue Roan Clydesdale
*Ivory Champagne American Cream Draft
*Black Andalusian
*Grey Tobiano Groningen
*White Grey Shire

No additional prize if you show me more than one of those. Genes do *not* matter.
If this contest goes well, I'll have these contests monthly.
Get breeding!

For more information and discussion:

Category: Contests/Giveaways | Views: 1079 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2013-01-15 | Comments (0)

Server: LifeCycle

Summary: Idea's on what you can do after reaching +150

I thought it was time to create this thread, since people are getting bored with breeding for stats. It's not going to be the normal fail breeding, breed for color, breed for personality thread.

#1 Start your favorite breed with 0-10 tokened horses. And continue to breed with only wild caught stock or tokened horses.

This is my big plan after Shires hit +150. I really want the challenge of working up from 0-10 tokened stock. I want it to take many generations to get high gene horses.

#2 Getting a pure breed out of two grade parents.

This is another want of mine. I really want to get a pure draft breed out of two grade drafts.

#3 Start breeding a very unpopular breed.

I love drafts and ponies, and many of them are not that popular. I would love to make room and start new unpopular breeds because many of them still have low genes and would be a challenge. Case and point, Chin's.

#4 Breed More Marking, Less Markings, Patterns etc.

I love Shires, but I hate the bald faces. I will be trying to breed away from the bald faces in the future. It's exactly the opposite with my Silver Dapple Black Overo APH Mare. She has very few overo markings, so I am breeding studs with more overo markings to her.

#5 Work with the recipes and try to breed as many different breeds as possible.

Many breeds like TB's and AM's can be worked into many different breeds and it would be challenging to see how far you can go, without cross breeding. For example: Start with a TB mare, breed to a Teke. The foal is a Teke. When the Teke foal ages up, breed it to an Andy. Outcome foal is an Andy. Breed the Andy to an Arabian. And see how far you can go and how many different breeds you can get to.

Any other ideas?

For more information and discussion:

Category: Discussions | Views: 1262 | Added by: DutchDestiny | Date: 2013-01-02 | Comments (0)

Server: Eternal, LifeCycle

Hello everyone!
We hope 2012 was an overall good year and that 2013 will be one for sure!

Your charity designations across LifeCycle and Eternal servers totaled as follows:

430 votes for World Wildlife Fund.
52 votes for Union of Concerned Scientists.
212 votes Doctors Without Borders.
48 votes for Scholarship America.

Per these votes, Horse Isle has donated $3,000 to WWF and $2,000 to Doctors Without Borders! So, your gaming has aided endangered animals and people around the world :)

Have a happy new year everyone!
-Joe & Miranda

For more information and discussion:

Category: Admin/Mod Notice | Views: 1047 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2012-12-30 | Comments (0)

Server: Eternal

This thread is meant to be a brief overview of and answer post to the most frequently asked questions about sub tokens. It is not meant to be a discussion of the game economy or to spring-board commentary about pricing; instead, it's meant to be purely informative as to why sub tokens exist and work the way they do, and why certain commonly suggested measures for controlling the prices are not viable.

??? Why do we have the ability to subscribe? Why do subscribers get more stuff than non-subscribers?

Hosting something online isn't free. It can actually be quite expensive! And hosting a game that is in continuous development (new breeds, quests, etc.) means that in addition to hosting costs, the company also has to pay staff. Some games support themselves with ads, and others require you to buy the game before you play it. The model we use here is the subscription method. You can play the game on a limited basis for free, but beyond that, you need to pay a fee. This fee pays the game's costs. To give players a reason to subscribe, subscribers have more options than non-subs. Subscribed players are paying for the ability to play the game to its fullest extent.

??? Why can't we buy subscriptions with in-game money from a game store at set prices?

If an NPC sold tokens for game money, you'd be able to get all the subscriber perks for no real-life investment. Why would anyone buy sub tokens with real money when they could subscribe for free? If nobody buys any tokens, no money is coming into the game, the people involved in hosting and development can't be paid, and the game would not be able to support itself. Thus the business fails. Put simply- no more game.

??? Why are sub tokens from other players getting so expensive? It used to be that they were $350,000.

Put simply, this is called inflation. Now that there is more money in the game, because the game has been around for many of us to have earned a substantial amount, the value of a dollar is lower than it was. People can afford to pay more for things. This is the very same process which makes PlayerName able to pay $700,000 for my stallion when six months ago she would have only been able to pay $300,000. She didn't have the money then- she does now. The horse hasn't changed, but the market has. Inflation is in some respects a natural part of a game's player-to-player economy.

??? But players should sell subs for less. I can't afford that!

Nobody in this game is responsible for providing a subscription to you at a price you consider affordable. The people who are buying sub tokens to resell in-game are doing so with an expectation of a return on their investment. If they cannot sell the token for a price they consider worth the real-life cost, they will stop selling the tokens. It will not be worth it. The fewer sellers, the rarer it becomes to find a token for sale in-game. When something gets rare, its price goes up. If you want to be able to purchase a token at a static price, the price of a sub token in the game shop has never changed.

??? But I can't afford to pay for a sub with real-life money. What am I supposed to do?

Many of the players who are unable to use real-life money to pay for a sub token are on the younger side of the demographic and qualify for the Earn-A-Sub program (details on the Shop page.)

Another option is to refer other players using your referral link (found via Shop > Referrals.) For each player you refer who buys tokens with real money, you get a certain amount of "HorseBucks" credited to your account. These have no real-world value but can be redeemed for tokens as a thank-you for helping refer business to the game.

A third option, and the one nobody likes, is to play as a non-subscriber until you can afford to use your game money to pay for a subscription. Many players would like to be able to subscribe right away, but just like in real life, we have to work for the things we want. The bad news is that it isn't instant. The good news is that it can be really emotionally rewarding to be able to get something we've worked hard for.

I hope this helps to address some of the questions people may have about subscribing and why tokens work the way they do!

For more information and discussion:

Category: Admin/Mod Notice | Views: 2152 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2012-12-20 | Comments (0)

Server: Eternal

Horse Isle does Not have any type of download tools.

This includes Toolbar's or anything else.

Please do Not download these as they are Not safe! Please do Not fall for that scam and thus give others access to your account.


For more information and discussion:

Category: Admin/Mod Notice | Views: 943 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2012-12-20 | Comments (0)

Server: Eternal

Summary: How to become a mod, compiled by a mod.

The Mods have been asked how to become one so we have pooled our knowledge and have come up with this post. To start things off we ‘ did not ’ ask to become a Moderator. We all were chosen by the Administrative team.

The Admin team sent us letters asking if we would like to join the Moderator team. We were all given the choice to accept or decline upon receiving the letter. If we choose to accept then voila Mod-ship will be activated soon after. Once we do accept then we are Not given anything other than the responsibility to help keep the game safe, fun and to enforce the rules when needed.

A common misconception is that Mods are given money (paid), subs and a magic quest handbook so we can answer all of your questions at the drop of a hat. That is not true. We have to buy our own subs (via our own real money or game money), do our own quests, play our own games and follow all the same rules as you. What you must remember is that we are real people with real lives with real problems. So please remember that if you ask us a question and we do not answer right away it is not because we choose to ignore you. What could be happening is we are dealing with something in real life (kids, school, work, pets or spouses/significant others) or busy in game. We will get back to you as soon as we can. If you can not wait then please either see if another Mod is on or if it is just about a quest go to Help.

Like previously stated we are not given a magic quest handbook so if you ask us questions about a quest please do not get mad at us. We have to work them out just like you do and will try to answer as best we can. If however we do not know the answer to your question please go to the Help Center and ask there. Remember nine times out of ten someone there will have the answer you are looking for, but all we can give you are hints. We cannot and will not walk you straight through step by step through the quest. It will only hurt you in the end.

Now the next thing I would like to talk more about is banning and muting. This is something that we only do as a last resort. We will not ban or mute someone because you ask (Example: Can you ban my sister because she is poking me in real life. << That is a real question that was asked). We will however mute, or in extreme cases ban, if someone is not following the rules.

The next thing that has been asked is if Mods can lose our status as Mods. The answer to that question is yes we can lose our Mod-ship. One of the ways is we ask that they remove it for various personal reasons. The other is that we were not following the rules or abusing our powers. If you feel that you were treated unfairly by a Mod then file an abuse report or talk to the Support Team. This is only to be used for an actual complaint Not if you are mad at us for muting you because you decided to break the rules and were caught. If you do this then the only person who will get in trouble is you. So before you go reporting take the time to review the rules and make sure you have a justified reason to report.

Next question is do I have to have a clean record to become a Mod? The answer to that question is; it helps. How can a Mod who has gotten a violation point or been banned be trusted to enforce the rules that they themselves cannot follow?

The last question that has been asked is if there is a time restriction or subscriber restriction to become a Mod. To the best of our knowledge there is not. Now that is not to say it does not help. Players who have been on the game longer have a better understanding of the game and it's rules. The bottom line is that Admins are looking for helpful, knowledgeable adult players.

For more information and discussion:

Category: Admin/Mod Notice | Views: 1507 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2012-12-19 | Comments (0)

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