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Esroh Legends
Esroh Legends Chat/Help
Talk about anything related to Esroh Legends here - tips, suggestions, help, etc.
174 665 Friday, 2019-02-22, 4:45 PM
Thread: Rubies Cache Bonus
Posted by: Person
Typos, Missing Information, Errors
Please post ANY typos, missing info, and errors on the site here. Be as specific and detailed as possible, include the page name, page link, and/or screenshots. Use Search before posting.
281 374 Thursday, 2019-03-07, 8:37 PM
Thread: Advanced Desert Isle Pyramid
Posted by: LibertyDancer
All of our contests are hosted here. For more information about our contests, click here.
77 807 Thursday, 2017-01-12, 11:45 AM
Thread: Where is 2017?
Posted by: Vallina
Public Projects
These are projects that are open to the public, meaning, you! Help Esroh Legends out!
3 15 Thursday, 2019-07-18, 1:09 PM
Thread: 45 Second Quiz Questions
Posted by: eduardaviannar

Horse Isle 2
Horse Isle 2 Chat/Help
Talk about anything related to Horse Isle 2. Got tips, questions, guides, or need help with the game? Post them here!
360 1437 Sunday, 2019-07-14, 11:48 PM
Thread: MrAxleSon's Fruit Quest
Posted by: Rosewood
Clubs Looking for New Members 10 1 Wednesday, 2016-06-15, 0:16 AM
Thread: [LC] Elite Equestrians [Spots: #9]
Posted by: shley0804

Art & Show-Off
Post pictures, art, stories, poems, etc. here! Must not have any inappropriate material.
15 180 Sunday, 2015-05-10, 8:27 PM
Thread: Deviant Art
Posted by: CoffeeMaster
Talk about anything not related to Horse Isle.
24 306 Tuesday, 2019-07-09, 0:03 AM
Thread: Music
Posted by: Rosewood
Enjoy roleplaying? You can RP here! Remember, no godmoding and short sentences.
7 43 Sunday, 2018-11-04, 6:19 AM
Thread: In Game Role Play
Posted by: NerdyBean
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