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Esroh Legends
Esroh Legends Chat/Help
Talk about anything related to Esroh Legends here - tips, suggestions, help, etc.
174 665 Friday, 2019-02-22, 4:45 PM
Thread: Rubies Cache Bonus
Posted by: Person
Typos, Missing Information, Errors (is being viewed by: 1)
Please post ANY typos, missing info, and errors on the site here. Be as specific and detailed as possible, include the page name, page link, and/or screenshots. Use Search before posting.
281 375 Sunday, 2020-05-10, 7:19 PM
Thread: Pinnacle Isle Cave Key
Posted by: GamerBoy
All of our contests are hosted here. For more information about our contests, click here.
77 807 Thursday, 2017-01-12, 11:45 AM
Thread: Where is 2017?
Posted by: Vallina
Public Projects
These are projects that are open to the public, meaning, you! Help Esroh Legends out!
3 16 Thursday, 2020-03-19, 12:32 PM
Thread: 45 Second Quiz Questions
Posted by: eduardaviannar

Horse Isle 2
Horse Isle 2 Chat/Help
Talk about anything related to Horse Isle 2. Got tips, questions, guides, or need help with the game? Post them here!
366 1456 Monday, 2020-09-28, 9:33 AM
Thread: The Town that Time Forgot
Posted by: SeaPony
Clubs Looking for New Members 10 1 Wednesday, 2016-06-15, 0:16 AM
Thread: [LC] Elite Equestrians [Spots: #9]
Posted by: shley0804

Art & Show-Off
Post pictures, art, stories, poems, etc. here! Must not have any inappropriate material.
15 181 Thursday, 2020-04-30, 11:20 AM
Thread: Your horse pics!
Posted by: 2trachel
Talk about anything not related to Horse Isle.
24 307 Friday, 2020-04-24, 10:47 AM
Thread: Story Game!
Posted by: MagicKat
Enjoy roleplaying? You can RP here! Remember, no godmoding and short sentences.
7 43 Sunday, 2018-11-04, 6:19 AM
Thread: In Game Role Play
Posted by: NerdyBean
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