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Forum » General » Role-Playing » Possible Role-Play? (Just a poll to get everyone's opinion.)

Possible Role-Play?
Should I create the role-play?
1.Yes[ 3 ][100.00%]
2.Yes, but... (specify below)[ 0 ][0.00%]
3.No[ 0 ][0.00%]
Answers total: 3
AvengedLoveDate: Wednesday, 2013-04-10, 3:34 PM | Message # 1
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Stall Mucker
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Alright everyone, so I've noticed that the role-play category could use some livening up. So what I've considered was one based on the Scorpio Races novel.

The Basics about the races:
  • Held yearly
  • Predominantly male competition (females are allowed, just expect the appropriate reactions
  • On the beach of the small island Thisby
  • Capall Uisces (water horses/kelpies) are ridden in the race
  • Normal horses can be used but are usually expected to lose
  • Ornate decorations (bells, gems, etc.) are tied onto bridles and saddlepads of Uisces to help tame them

About Capall Uisces:
  • Larger, faster, and more muscular than normal horses (closer to size of draft horses)
  • Eat meat and do attack humans often
  • Extremely aggressive and wild, few to none are completely tame
  • Live in ocean surrounding Thisby, but breathe air
  • Will have constant attraction to ocean and will take rider with them if not careful

I don't think I'm forgetting anything, but I'll work out any kinks if you guys are interested.
Comments? Questions? Concerns?
TapiocaDate: Monday, 2013-10-14, 11:08 PM | Message # 2
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The Dales Pony Centaur
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One thing that might be concerning about your role-playing is the content- you mention man eating kelpies; that is a gory subject. If you chose to post this role play on Esroh Legends, I would ask that you please not mention any such events.
Thank you! smile

Forum » General » Role-Playing » Possible Role-Play? (Just a poll to get everyone's opinion.)
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