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Breeder Of .....
SpanishStepsDate: Saturday, 2013-02-16, 11:10 AM | Message # 1
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I just recently got into playing on LifeCycle again. I'd kind of like to focus on one or two breeds so that over time I can get better horses for competition instead of relying on wild caught horses, which have been less then stellar for me most of the time.

Trouble is, I really don't know what breed(s) I want to focus on. I don't really have any single breed that is my absolute favorite. I like Spanish/Iberian type horses and Baroque horses, as well as many of the Draft breeds, but I still can't decide. To complicate things, I'm a non-subscriber, so for now, this would probably mean picking just one breed since I'm limited to six horses. That being said, I'm trying to save up for a sub, how many breeds do you think one could focus on then?

In any case, perhaps you could help me select a breed to focus on for now? Ideally, I'd be looking for:

• A Spanish, Iberian, Baroque or Draft breed
• A breed with a wide variety of colors
• A larger breed, with horses over 15 hands
• A versatile breed, that could excel at the widest range of competitions as possible so I don't get bored doing the same competitions all the time.
GoldieDate: Sunday, 2013-03-10, 1:59 AM | Message # 2
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My first piece of advice is don't bother breeding something just because it's popular. Horses, regardless of anything, rarely sell for a decent price; Any LC player will tell you the same thing.

I honestly think you should breed Knabstrup; Their height ranges from 15 to 17.2 hands, they are excellent in every arena and they come in fun colours. Go for it biggrin

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OveroDate: Monday, 2013-03-18, 9:57 PM | Message # 3
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While I agree with Twee, I disagree with the following statement.
Quote (Twee)
Horses, regardless of anything, rarely sell for a decent price; Any LC player will tell you the same thing.
     Surprisingly, I have gotten upwards of 500k-800k for some +130 horses fairly recently. They were Paints, but had a great home-grown pedigree of mine.

    I would say to breed one breed in the beginning, and then once you get your grip on this whole crazy breeding thing branch out to multiple ones. Over time, I have bred different breeds. Connemaras, Quarter Horses, Drafts, Kinskies all the works. My most successful breeding program were Connemara Ponies. Mods (who would pay generously) frequently bought my higher-stat Connes. There was a growing market for them, but I decided to leave the breed for a breed that was popular, pretty, and a breed that I loved in RL and LC. And that was the Paint.

    My biggest pain and money saver is to buy high stat stock! Don't start out +70 and then expect to get to +120 in a month. You will not get high gene horses that way. It saves money and pain in the long run because you are not constantly trying to upgrade your stock. Let's face it - no one is going to want to buy your low stat stock.

    Here is a basic fact - the more popular the breed (demand and population), the higher the stats need to be to please the public. You should also, once you've established your breeding program with quality purebred (or grade) lines and sell - ready foals, advertise your horses and breeding program. Offer people who buy your foals special offers and deals to keep them coming back. 

     I know that that is a mouthful, but I tried to break it down and K.I.S.S it (keep it simple, silly). I hope you find this helpful.

 And as for what breed I think you should breed, I would choose Lusitano, Knabstrub, Peruvian Paso, Paso Fino, Shire, Grade Draft, Quarter Horse, Russian Heavy Draft, Friesian, Gypsy Vanner.

 I know that those are a lot of options. Whenever I change my breeding focus, or add this is how I do it:

    Make a list of all the possibilities for your new breeding program focus and choose the ones you like the best out of blind experience. Blind experience is my term for little to no experience, but enough to make you decide something. Basically, narrow it down.

    Then, out of your top whatever number, evaluate each breed harshly, and honestly. You can make your own standards.

    Decide that is economically the best choice for you.

    Narrow the breed choices down to 2. 

    Write brief summaries of each breed and why you think that you should breed that breed (or just talk about it with yourself!)

    Make your final decision!

    Good luck on your breeding journey! I hope you'll have some fuzzy foals bouncin' around soon! smile

Please, excuse any typos. It's late, what do you expect?

Forum » Horse Isle 2 » Horse Isle 2 Chat/Help » Breeder Of ..... (Selecting a Breed)
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