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Forum » Horse Isle 2 » Horse Isle 2 Chat/Help » Gen Markings ("What are the new Gen Markings?" A Quick Explanation.)

Gen Markings
RavenSaintDate: Friday, 2013-08-30, 9:22 AM | Message # 1
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As I am sure a lot of players have noticed the newer Gen Marking stats at the bottom of the Horse Profiles. Not many have gotten the hang of what these mean in LifeCycle yet. Here's a quick guide to the descriptions and their meanings. 
How do these effect the breeding of horses? We can now predict a No Marking foal/horse, understand the small markings that show up from time to time. It also helps us to predict a marking from parents to foals.

Numbers that equal Leg Markings:
0 = No Sock
1 = Coronet Band Marking
2 = Pastern or Partial Fetlock (only as far as the ankle)
3 = Sock (mid way between the ankle and knee/hock)
4 = Full stocking (comes up to the knee/hock)

Leg Markings can be read as follows:
fs: 1&2 bs: 3&4

This means that the horse has a left fore with a coronet, right fore with a Pastern, left hind with a sock, and a right hind with a stocking. 

Face Markings are marked with a "+". These are Star, Snip, Stripe, and Bald.
A horse can any combination of the face markings. 
If you see a horse and it has what looks to be a bald face, but has no +Bald under Gen Markings. The horse has no marking under the pattern of the coat. As there are marking patterns that have white faces as part of the pattern. Sabino, Paints, and a few others are examples of this aspect. 

As the Gen Marking Breeding experiment is worked out. More posts will be forth coming on how to predict a foal's markings from its parent's markings.

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CherryKatDate: Monday, 2014-07-28, 6:35 PM | Message # 2
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Thank You, this helped a lot smile

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Forum » Horse Isle 2 » Horse Isle 2 Chat/Help » Gen Markings ("What are the new Gen Markings?" A Quick Explanation.)
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