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How to get to the caves?
RaveFairyDate: Friday, 2015-05-15, 3:32 AM | Message # 1
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I keep seeing people talking about 'mines' or 'caves' but I have no idea what isles to take to get there? How do I get to the 'mines' from Plains isle?
LovingMeadowDate: Friday, 2015-05-15, 4:18 AM | Message # 2
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Oh, that's easy. Just go to Prairie Isle from Plains Isle, then take the wagon to the north east rowboat (drop off) or ride to the rowboat (it's easy just go east along the beach all the way until you see a guy and a rowboat). Take the rowboat to Cavern Isle and then you have the option of going to Pinnacle, Crater Mountain, or Blue Mountain, depending on which cave/tunnels you go into. And then you're on your own after that and you'll have to figure out a way to navigate the caves. To get to the Western Mountains, you go to Dry Isle > Desert Isle and ride southwest all the way or pay 1k to have the donkey take you across the desert. Then you take the rowboat to Sheer, and then you'll go through the western mountains from there.
Forum » Horse Isle 2 » Horse Isle 2 Chat/Help » How to get to the caves?
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