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Messenger Quests
quokka21Date: Friday, 2019-01-04, 9:02 PM | Message # 1
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Hey everyone!

Never used this before, so I hope this is ok to ask here.

I just finished the Messenger Quests and RedTreeFrog was all like "maybe you should go an speak to PrinceSafariSon some day" so I went to see him. No new convo options came up, so I looked around his house and when you go upstairs, by the bed, you get an encounter: "Looking out the window, you see a chimpanzee staring back at you. Strange... this one has blue eyes!" I'm just curious, does this have anything to do with a bonus, or another quest? Or something to come? Or is it not related at all?

Thanks for your help!

P.S. Does anyone know where to find AhoySeaLand? lol. Thanks!

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PersonDate: Wednesday, 2019-01-23, 10:21 PM | Message # 2
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I personally haven't come across anything to do with this message, but it's possible the link just hasn't been found yet! c:

I'm a comparatively new player, automatically making me a newb of sorts. (;
Come poke me in any medium I inhabit if you have HI/EL questions. <3
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