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The Totem Poles
IdyllDate: Sunday, 2012-06-17, 5:14 PM | Message # 1
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Alright, I've only had problems with the pole on Banana (#2) so far, but there may be others I go head-to-head with later on. It asks that you go 'away' five feet. What direction is away, exactly?

Because there is hats but no beak, it then asks that you turn right, subtract the 5 from 200, giving you 195, and walking that many feet 'forward'. Assuming that forward means west or north, we have another problem. The totem pole faces south east, and apparently it always faces away from its treasure. I've gone 195 feet north, 195 feet west, even 195 feet north-west, even though that is also impossible. There is no treasure to be found.

This is getting extremely tiresome. I didn't pay 50k to be stalled by misinformation, by one party or another. Unless a picture of the treasure's location can be provided, I, along with a great majority of the popular from what I can see, would greatly appreciate a definite direction. Otherwise, telling us to go forward and back from any given direction is not quite helpful.

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SlytherinPrideDate: Monday, 2012-06-18, 3:08 AM | Message # 2
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If the pole is facing south-east, then you need to go 5 feet north-west; then turn 90 degrees right, which in this case would be north-east, and walk 195 feet in that direction.

5 feet north-west -> 195 feet north-east.

It sounds like you're missing the first step (the 5 feet straight away from the totem pole's "back").

The treasure is where the gems and the hat say it is, that much is certain.

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EternalSerenityDate: Wednesday, 2012-06-27, 12:32 PM | Message # 3
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Trust me, I think our math is right. wink Nobody else has had a problem with them before.

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Forum » Horse Isle 2 » Horse Isle 2 Chat/Help » The Totem Poles (Someone's math is very, very wrong.)
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