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BlancoCaballoDate: Friday, 2013-04-26, 5:23 PM | Message # 1
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Stall Mucker
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Hey members,
ive just been wondering for a few years, is there any actual use for the pitchfork? 
I know it's for hay but I have only come across to use it in HI1 not HI2. 
Do you think it's a pointless tool? 

CaptainSteamDate: Saturday, 2013-04-27, 10:00 AM | Message # 2
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Even though tou do not use not directly, you are not able to work with hay without it.s would not be able to buy hay, feed your horses hay or use hay in crafting.   If we were to actualy "use" the pitchfork by clicking on it the buying, feeding and crafting choices for hay would need to be re-coded which is not a good idea.
AlyeskaDate: Monday, 2013-04-29, 12:18 PM | Message # 3
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That's weird CaptainSteam.
I've never owned the pitchfork tool, on either game (HI2 Eternal and LC) and have never had a problem buying hay, crafting any of the special hays or feeding my horses hay.

I've also collected all the available bonuses cleaning out a stall in the various liveries.. tongue

Odd isn't it..

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I have seen this quote all over the internet now, being used by many a person.
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