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Hephaestus 2nd shoe!!
TheHorseyOneDate: Tuesday, 2015-07-28, 8:40 AM | Message # 1
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I cannot for the life of my find the 2nd shoe anywhere, i've been looking for close to a year now.... I've used the map tricks (looking on map all players and digging where the arrow points) and I dig a large area around the 'center' also just to be sure. Checked every isle at least 50+ times and still no shoe.. getting tired now! anyone have any more tips at all? or can maybe see what i'm doing/have done wrong? i'll never get to zeus if I don't get this! thanks smile
EternalSerenityDate: Sunday, 2015-08-09, 10:58 AM | Message # 2
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Sometimes the shoe isn't always in the exact center. In fact, it can be pretty far from it  - especially on the oblong isles. I'd suggest searching a fairly large area of where you think the center is, like you said you tried, making sure that the dig circles touch. It's easiest to start in the center, where the arrow on the map points, and dig in a spiral outwards.

When I was looking for the shoe I searched the entire isle, if it was small like Birch, Bend, or Bog. For the bigger isles I searched the entire mid section. If you're not already, I suggest using the "Tab" button to search faster. 

Make sure have a list of all the "B" isles, so you don't miss one.

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OKDate: Monday, 2015-08-10, 8:16 AM | Message # 3
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My shoe for that quest was right near the dock on bog isle. That goes to prove it can be anywhere on the isle. It's a real time killer to search the whole isle, but in the end, its a lot easier to just search the whole isle to make sure you didn't miss it when it was right under your nose the whole time smile
Forum » Esroh Legends » Esroh Legends Chat/Help » Hephaestus 2nd shoe!!
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