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Stats Explained?
DancerDate: Wednesday, 2016-08-17, 5:17 PM | Message # 1
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So just wondering, what do people mean by 6/6 or 150/45 and 150/44
EternalSerenityDate: Thursday, 2016-08-18, 3:32 PM | Message # 2
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Here is an in depth guide of Horse Stats and Genes.

6/6 refers to having 6 positive numbers in the parenthesis. A horse with the stats in the picture above would be referred to as 5/6, because 5 of the 6 numbers in the parenthesis are positive. A (0) can be counted as positive or negative.

I've never seen 150/45 or 150/44,or any combination of similar numbers used in the game so I can't tell you what they mean. However, I've only played the game on the Eternal server, so if you're on Life Cycle it could be something specific to that server.

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Kitty17Date: Friday, 2017-11-17, 1:19 PM | Message # 3
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150/45 refers to the horse having 6/6 stats with +150 (+25 in each stat) and 45 refers to its personality which has 5 categories with a possibility of 0-10, so that horse has 45/50 persona. these stats are combined to say "150/45). This is only used on LifeCycle, but stats (-150 through +150) is used on eternal as well.

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