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Trout for NeighMeFin?
CajunChipsDate: Wednesday, 2016-12-07, 7:45 AM | Message # 1
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Hi Folks! 

   I'm currently working on the quest The Fins Who Say Neigh. I'm currently at the 3rd and final item ... and got the Trout on Blizzard. However, I'm having extreme difficulty finding it. I'm assuming you'd be searching around the fishing holes, and have been using the magnify glass. Am I doing something wrong or if not, tips to finding this elusive trout!?

   Much thanks!
PersonDate: Wednesday, 2016-12-07, 4:32 PM | Message # 2
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You don't need to use any tool for that part of the quest. (:
Just fish at one of the ice fishing holes, and you should be able to get it straight away.


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Forum » Esroh Legends » Esroh Legends Chat/Help » Trout for NeighMeFin?
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