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New guide-chat
GrayLinerDate: Friday, 2012-02-17, 9:27 PM | Message # 1
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Stall Mucker
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Could you possibly make a guide about the chat and all of the little "codes" that you can use for certain things? like for !autoreply (i just learned that today) and how people can put cartoon horses and stuff into their chat?
i'm a LONG time player of HI1, and tried HI2 when it first came out, but disliked it greatly, then came lifecycle and well.. lets just say i'm addicted haha, but i wasn't there for when all of the chat code things were being figured out!

I'm just addicted to this game..
i'm pretty sure it's unhealthy
but oh well.
it's so worth it.
CallaLilyDate: Friday, 2012-02-17, 9:57 PM | Message # 2
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I believe this has been brought up once or twice as idea for an addition to the site. Whether or not it's in the works as of right now, I don't know. If you'd like, you can make suggestions for the site on this forum: happy

There is also a profile guide that includes some codes for profile editing. However, the symbols such as the horse, rose, smilies, etc. are not included:

Yes! My avatar is my own horse, in case you were wondering. She's a dork, I know.
Forum » Esroh Legends » Esroh Legends Chat/Help » New guide-chat
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