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Forum » Esroh Legends » Typos, Missing Information, Errors » DetritusTrolg’s Thinking Hat (Quest Description Error)

DetritusTrolg’s Thinking Hat
CalibanDate: Wednesday, 2012-04-11, 8:14 AM | Message # 1
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The quest information stats:

Items Needed: Magnifying Glass
You'll need to find his/her hat, which can be found by using your magnifying glass somewhere on Ridge.

This is not entirely true.
I just now started this quest myself,
Found my hat on Peak isle using Binoculars.

Just putting it out there that there are indeed more
possible places to find the hat and tools to be used.

Not 100% sure if this is where this thread goes,
So sorry ahead of time. Thanks.
DutchDestinyDate: Wednesday, 2012-04-11, 1:20 PM | Message # 2
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Also, this quest is not an east mountain isles quest, but infact a west mountain isles quest, so maybe a new page should be made for it (and any other west mountain isle quests that come after).

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CallaLilyDate: Sunday, 2012-04-15, 12:21 PM | Message # 3
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GrindCore, I'll tweak the guide a bit to make this more clear. Thank you. smile

DutchDestiny, I believe that the page the quest is located on is just called "Mountain Quests," not giving the specifics of either east or west mountains. That being said, I think the guide is fine where it is.

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Forum » Esroh Legends » Typos, Missing Information, Errors » DetritusTrolg’s Thinking Hat (Quest Description Error)
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