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[AUG] Contest Winners
VallinaDate: Sunday, 2013-09-01, 7:56 PM | Message # 1
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LifeCycle Username: Vallina
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Thanks to everyone who entered our contests! We hope you enjoyed them! Missed out this month? No worries, we'll be back in September with more contests! Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

Don't forget, you can help out with our future contests through many ways - submitting an idea, donating prizes, or letting your friends/clubbies know about them!

Now onto the winners! Congratulations!
I'll be contacting each of you via email to double check that your username and server is correct.

Beauty Contest Winners (click on images to see full size)
First place: RareKnight (LC) with 15 votes!
2 month subs + 1 horse token + 150k award

Second place: LovePoppies (LC) with 14 votes!
1 month sub + 100k + Award

Third Place: AbacoBarb (Eternal) with 10 votes!
2 mil + 1 zeus token + Award

Creative Writing Contest Winners
First place: StickyNote (Eternal)
6 million + 2 month subs + 3 zeus tokens + Award

Second place: CheyBlueWolf (Eternal)
4 million + 1 month sub + 1 zeus token

Third place: Lychee (LifeCycle)
1 horse token + 50k

Concept Art Winners (click on images to see full size)
First place: Lumos (Eternal)
3* tack of your choice + 10 million + 2 month sub + 3 zeus tokens + Award

Description: My design and color palette were inspired by the great masters of the Art Nouveau period, mainly Alfons Mucha. As a side saddle piece, it would be mainly decorative and non-competitive, though if HI ever includes Dressage as an arena, I could see it used there.

Second place: Rivet (Eternal)
5 million + 2 month sub + 1 zeus token

Description: Allows you to find a few extra gems or pieces of ore while out mining, and because of the soft glow of the gemstones located on the entire tack set skittish horses have a better chance of traveling through a cave system without the risk of spooking. And I was inspired by spending a TON of time mining in the cave systems of hi2...while being lost. It seemed like a good idea (although not all that practical for a real life set of tack) because you can still do so much with it in a ton of different ways.

Third place: Koolie (Eternal)
3 million + 1 month sub + 1 zeus token

Description: This is my pirate inspired horse isle 2 tack. They have a lot of pirate themed content around the world of horse isle but don't seem to have some tack. The tack is made out of lots of pirate themed items. The saddle is a boat, the tail strap is a rope ladder, gun breastplate and my favourite the sword bride.

Honorary Mention: PinkAuraFlame (Eternal)

Description: My tack set design is based off of nature, featuring ornate gold and green patterns along with bohemian flowers, plants and leaves. Nature tack would not only increase both a horse's intelligence and endurance equally, but would also increase their bonding rate. This tack set was inspired by the connection between horses and the earth they call home, as well as the beautiful and ornate western tack sets seen in competitions.
Attachments: 8113580.png(470.0 Kb) · 4686496.jpg(37.0 Kb) · 8752678.png(486.3 Kb) · 2408782.png(193.2 Kb) · 4702066.png(114.0 Kb) · 0249006.png(276.0 Kb) · 8402097.png(450.3 Kb)

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BlanketMonsterDate: Monday, 2013-09-02, 5:20 AM | Message # 2
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LifeCycle Username: BlanketMonster
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Congrats all you lucky winners!
PersonDate: Tuesday, 2013-09-03, 7:46 PM | Message # 3
Main Server: Eternal
Eternal Username: CandyNutmeg
LifeCycle Username: Irony
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Wow O.O I read the writing contest entries, and they're really amazing! And don't even get me started on someone making up a whole new set of tack that actually looks completely normal, unlike the ones I draw.

Come poke me anywhere you can find me if you have HI/EL questions! <3
"Reality's a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there."
-Owl City, The Real World
CheyBlueWolfDate: Tuesday, 2013-09-03, 11:42 PM | Message # 4
Main Server: Eternal
Eternal Username: CheyBlueWolf
LifeCycle Username: Silenti
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I read the results and literally almost fell out of my chair. Thank you so much, and congratulations to everyone who won.
So happy.
Thanks, again.  hands
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