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Forum » Esroh Legends » Contests » November Contest Winners

November Contest Winners
VallinaDate: Saturday, 2013-12-14, 4:37 PM | Message # 1
Main Server: Eternal
Eternal Username: Vallina
LifeCycle Username: Vallina
Sheep Lover
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Congratulations to our November Contest Winners! Prizes will be sent shortly, please be patient.

Heaviest Wild Contest
Eternal Winner: LilLion with 2438 lbs! Wow!
Prize: 200k

LifeCycle Winner: LovePoppies with 2375 lbs
Prize: 100k

Esroh Poet
First Place: ThunderousHooves (Eternal)
Prize: 100k + Zeus Token

A lone one enters into my abode,
Where many another a person has strode,
Just like the others, she looks for a quest,
So much like the others, and yet one of the best.

For she is not the type quest givers meet normally,
It takes a great deal of effort to meet one like me.
I am Zeus, the hardest Esroh, in all of HorseIsle,
The one so many seek, for many a mile.

I give her my quest, and she leaves with glee,
But whether she shall return, well, we shall see.
For many will ask and I then give them the task,
but like many a person, some simply don't last.

They find it too hard, their effort dips low,
And as I think, I wonder, if she shall be so.
But no, I was wrong, for it has not been long,
before I hear the same footsteps, a familiar song.

She returns with the pieces and assembles them back,
I feel pride for this girl, And tell her of the tack.
Not surprising, she soon returns once more,
Supplies in hand, finished with this hard chore.

I assemble the tack and return it to her then,
And as she rides off, I hope we will meet again

Second Place: Serendipity (Eternal)
Prize: Zeus Token
There is a great Esroh named Apollo
But you have to be a good traveller
Because he has a quest you must follow.
Only someone with a great caliber.

He requires that you remember tunes
24 songs, that has to be crazy!
I thought this was as wild as baboons
For Apollo I could not be lazy.

Throughout this hard quest I pulled my hair out
Finally I recorded the last song
Memorizing was hard, I had a doubt
Quiz after quiz I would get them all wrong

I guessed and guessed hoping I got it right
Out of no where I was on the last four
Getting them all right, I think I just might!
After the last one I gave a loud roar!

Apollo’s quest was very hard and long
And I suggest you study every song!

Third Place: Lula (LifeCycle)
Prize: TBA

In you I hold my trust,
To be bring be what I may have lost;
For now you've come a step ahead,
A million was your expense.
But I must ask of you again,
Could you go out there again?
I mustn't leave this sacred place.
Am I trapped or lost?
My power locked, but not?
I ask you not of courage,
A walk outside,
A journey of items to find.
For you nothing, but for me, life,
Look ahead, and do come back!
Forget not: your reward,
A quest of no gain, no, no.
Wait, my dear, I held you in my trust,
So shall beauty from within come.
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RivetDate: Sunday, 2013-12-15, 10:35 AM | Message # 2
Main Server: Eternal
Eternal Username: Rivet
LifeCycle Username: Rivet
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Congrulations to all the winners!! You all did a marvelous job on your entries and stuff! ^^

"Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is the doing something else."

- Leonardo da Vinci
TapiocaDate: Sunday, 2013-12-15, 5:31 PM | Message # 3
Main Server: LifeCycle
Eternal Username: N/A
LifeCycle Username: Tapioca
The Dales Pony Centaur
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happy Loved the Esroh Poems, competitors! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Forum » Esroh Legends » Contests » November Contest Winners
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