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Forum » Horse Isle 2 » Clubs Looking for New Members » [LC] SirenSong Meadows [SPOTS: 6] (A drama free, chatty club)

[LC] SirenSong Meadows [SPOTS: 6]
BigPandaLoverDate: Monday, 2012-12-03, 4:12 PM | Message # 1
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Hi all! SirenSong Meadows is looking for 6 new members! We're a rather talkative group, so you're warned wink SirenSong Meadows has the breeding bonus. The application is as follows:

1-Donations are required once a week to prove you're active (the amount is up to you). However, if you're going to be on vacation, don't worry that you'll be kicked out of the club for missing one week. We go by the 3 strikes rule. Miss 3 and you're out! (Generally, we donate 5k a week as it's easier to keep track of. We love it when more is donated though!)

2- We are here to work together and breed horses; not to beg, borrow, or pleade for things from each other. (Violators will get a strike each time they break this rule).
3- There is an application fee of 25k. This is the only time we will ask for a certain amount to be donated though we do encourage you to donate as much as you can when you can, to help our club gain points smile This should be paid when you join.
4- Proper grammar and attempts at spelling are required. Don't ue the word no when you mean know, etc...
5- A new member is a 1* member. After the application fee is paid, you will be bumped up to 3*. Each strike you get, you will lose a star. Members at 4 and 5 stars either donate large amounts or are in charge of club management.

To Apply to the club, filly out the following and send it in a mail message to BOTH SweetSiren and BigPandaLover. One of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

-I want to be a part of this club because:
- I breed horses of this (these) breed (breeds):
-I agree to pay the 25k application fee upon joining:
-I agree not to beg, ask to borrow, or plead for handouts from fellow club members:
-I understand that if I get 3 strikes I will be removed from the club, and that those strikes will be shown in the star rankings (3=0 strikes, 1= 2 strikes):
-I understand that I can receive strikes for breaking rule 1,2, or 4.
-My goals in HI2 are:
Forum » Horse Isle 2 » Clubs Looking for New Members » [LC] SirenSong Meadows [SPOTS: 6] (A drama free, chatty club)
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