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I like contests that are (select as many as you want) ...
1. Random giveaways (anyone can enter, but no way to increase chances of winning)
2. HI2 knowledge/skill based (scavenger hunts, competitions, etc)
3. Raffle system (free ways to enter, but takes time/effort, able to increase chance of winning)
4. real life horse knowledge/skill based
5. creative and skill based (drawing, writing)
6. creative-based, no skill required (dress up contests)
7. Other (send us a suggestion to!)
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222. [eduardaviannar]   (2018-05-24 11:05 AM)
That is an amazing site! Really help me <3

221. [Alivia]   (2018-02-21 5:49 PM)
Thank you for making this website ! It has been so helpful to me . :hands: 

220. [CrazyCat]   (2018-01-24 4:32 PM)
I just want to say thank you to all the Esroh Legends staff for being amazing people. I've looked at some other sites but they never have the right stuff, yet Esroh Legends has nearly every little detail about the game written down. Thank you for being such amazing people and helping all of us so much. 5/5 stars for sure!  smile 
Crookshanks ET
WingedCat LC

219. [KingOfTheWind]   (2018-01-13 11:48 PM)
Very useful. I used another site before but it didn't have some quests i was doing, this site is the answer to all my questions! Thanks for all your great work. Excellent job Esroh Legends team!

218. Zia [Zia]   (2018-01-12 5:38 PM)
Honestly, I'd probably still be a newbie and with 0% quests and minigames if it wasn't for you guys! Best guide out there! So glad i'm actually a part of it because I sure wouldn't be playing (since 2010) if it wasn't for this! biggrin 

Absolute genuises - still question how you guys worked out what to do on quests! wink  happy 

Thank you!

217. Melissa [MayhemRose]   (2017-10-15 11:04 PM)
I do not know where I would be without this website. Thank you all for your hard work.  biggrin

216. Emmi Starr [Charlie]   (2017-07-02 6:41 AM)
I just wanted to thank everyone that contributes to this website - it has helped me so much! 
I've been on horse isle 2 since 2010 but I've finally actually met most of the Esroh, have 78% quests and 77% minigames with nearly 300 million in the bank!

215. Natalie Reibel [Screwball]   (2016-12-01 10:57 AM) E-mail
Vallina is a genius ever since this site has been created. Thanks to all the staffs as well who made this possible, but out of the rest of the games I've played with. I would say this has lots of potentials on having more players not having to ask as much help in HI2. Instead, they would come here. I remembered when I struggled behind HI2, but ever since I got into this site. I became a proud user of HI2 worth of 400k along with all the esrohs completed. Thank you to all who made it possible to have a great website. Plus, this is all FREE!!! Just to give out many informations or giving out tips if needed? This is definitely the #1 website ever.

Screwball (Eternal)

214. [soyaxo]   (2016-09-06 3:19 PM)
This has helped me so much! Thank you! -Dapples

213. SweetChin Music [SweetChinMusic]   (2016-07-06 9:43 AM)
Thank you for putting efforts into this! It is so helpful! up

212. [DunPrincess]   (2016-06-26 7:51 AM)
I absolutely love this site. It is so helpful and fun.

211. Amia Hill [Fjord]   (2016-06-16 5:43 AM)
Huge thanks to all who make Esroh Legends, well, Esroh Legends! I have been procrastinating doing my minigames and quests for the Esrohs ever since I began playing HI2 in 2011. But with it's help, I reached 75% in just a matter of weeks! Thank you all SO much! Plus I adore all the contests that are held. Absolutely awesome, helpful website. THE BEST. Two thumbs up for sure. Thanks for all the hard work! Esroh Legends will always be my HI2 go to! 

                                                                                           biggrin up   hands

                                                                                            Thanks again, 
                                                                                   Fjord ET/Swashbuckler LC

210. [EsrohClydesdale]   (2016-03-15 12:41 PM)
I had previously used a different website for questing and was hesitant to use Esroh Legends because I didn't want to make an account, but doing so has been extremely beneficial.  Not only does this website have much more information than the old one I used, but Esroh Legends is interactive which I love!  Great job!

209. Tommy A. [werespider1999]   (2015-10-23 8:39 PM)
Fantastic site, SUPER helpful! My go-to for any time I need info or help on HI, it seems like this place has everything you'd ever need. There's no way I would've been able to finish the Esrohs without this site... especially the guides and locations for quests and minigames, that really saved me. Big thank you and well done to everyone who contributes to this site.

-Tom from Eternal

208. Kitty Alice [senpaiuboa]   (2015-10-13 8:41 PM)

:heart: [j]Thank you for all the hard work put into this site. It's just about perfect. The only things I could think of adding would be more info on the horse breeds (say, which breeds have better stats or their locations) and cave maps please!

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