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I like contests that are (select as many as you want) ...
1. Random giveaways (anyone can enter, but no way to increase chances of winning)
2. HI2 knowledge/skill based (scavenger hunts, competitions, etc)
3. Raffle system (free ways to enter, but takes time/effort, able to increase chance of winning)
4. real life horse knowledge/skill based
5. creative and skill based (drawing, writing)
6. creative-based, no skill required (dress up contests)
7. Other (send us a suggestion to!)
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Disclaimer: Esroh Legends is not in anyway associated with the admins or creators of Horse Isle 2. This site is entirely fan made and run by Horse Isle 2 players.

Esroh Legends was created by players CanyonRanch, Ibis, IvorySteed, and Vallina. All four players were experienced players of Horse Isle 1 (Pinto server) and most had started Horse Isle 1 help sites of their own. After realizing they all had the same goal, they decided to collaborate to create one large Horse Isle 2 help site: Esroh Legends. Site construction began on April 23, 2010 during Horse Isle 2 beta testing, but all the pages were set to private. The site was officially opened to public on May 31, 2010. From then on, the site has begun gaining popularity and constant new users to the site. Esroh Legends can proudly state that it is the largest and most in-depth Horse Isle 2 help site on the web.

Esroh Legends Team


Staff Biography
Vallina has been playing HI1 since June 2007 and was on minutes after the live release of HI2 (#33). She also runs a HI1 Help site called Tip Isle. Vallina enjoys reading and drawing in her free time. She is currently studying Animation and Illustration and hopes to work for Disney, Pixar, or DreamWorks in the future. On Esroh Legends, Vallina is responsible for organizing and fine-tuning of site customization and design. If you're lucky, you might be able to catch a glimpse of her on HI2 - rare! She is not often on HI2 due to heavy schoolwork, but she is often seen lurking on Esroh Legends and does most of the behind-the-scene planning that goes on around the site.
BeamOfLight joined HI1 Palomino server in April 2009 and never played on another server for a longer period of time. In March 2010 she finally managed to make an account on HI2 Beta and her experience from there helped her a lot in live game. She has 100% quest points and collects pearl colored horses, as well as random horses that simply catch her eye. If you see her in game, feel free to send a random PM or ask for help (also message her if you’re looking for someone to do cross country with!).


Senior Squad

Staff Biography
no image CallaLily migrated from HI1's Brown server to HI2 just days after the game went live. Her username was inspired by the registered name of her horse in real life, whom she competes with in Jumpers. In HI2, Calla loves Connemaras in particular and currently owns one of the game's top overall experienced horses. She is a friendly helpful person who enjoys all aspects of the game.
Aardvark first joined HI2 Eternal in late 2010. She then found her way to HI1 Dun server, and finally Life Cycle. In game she spends most of her time competing in the bonus arenas, as well as breeding her Salernitano and Turkoman lines. Aardvark is also a hobbyist artist and plays many instruments.
EternalSerenity joined HI1: Cremello in 2008 as ChaseyRules. After completing all quests and mingames she joined HI2 in July of 2010. In the game she collects Shetlands and Icelandics, but also buys other breeds. EternalSerenity signs fluent ASL, plays various instruments, runs on a track team, and volunteers at a Food Bank. She no longer rides after a bad equestrian accident in 2009. If you need any help in the game feel free to PM her!
no image DutchDestiny is a player on HI black server, HI2 eternal and life cycle. She spends most of her time on life cycle breeding Andalusians and Peruvian Horses, as well as chatting with her buddies and clubbies. She enjoys competing in the various arenas, and can often be found in the days bonus arena, earning money and experience to help her breeding projects. Her username actually comes from the show name of her grey Thoroughbred X Warmblood gelding. On Esroh Legends, she is responsible for writing the guides to all the new quests, and also takes on various projects when she has the time.


The Squad

Staff Biography
no image Sonne
Wilko started playing HI1 in December of 2007, on white and chestnut as Wilko. She joined HI2 beta in March of 2010, and has been playing HI2 ever since. She has been working with racehorses since March of 2009. She has met multiple stakes winning horses, worked under Mike Bell (the assistant trainer of Ruffian), and have met fantastic people over the years. She travels all across the eastern USA traveling to different tracks. Feel free to pm her for help in game , usually LC.
no image BlanketMonster
MissBlindBat is a colourful and creative Canadian girl. She loves the beach and writing- preferably with tea in hand- as well as her loveable 30 pound polydactyl cat. Bli can be a little energetic, but she prefers quiet, calm chatting.
MileHi started out playing HI1 Bay server in 2008 as Morganizer. In 2010 she heard that HI2 was public so she quickly switched to it under the username TheDarkLord. She was on the squad for a short time before disappearing without notice. After two years she has come crawling back to Horse Isle with a bigger love for it than ever before. MileHi plays on Eternal mainly and collects Grullo colored horses, as well as Newfies, and fail gene horses.


The Junior Squad

Staff Biography
no image HappyBaba
no image Person


Retired Staff

Former administrators: IvorySteed, CanyonRanch, Ibis, AxJust, SerenitySnow
Former moderators: Dementia, QuothTheRaven, Katsura, SandTiger, Breeze, Coy
Former helpers: Ubiquity, Saturn, ReverseEagle, Poseidons, Torli
Former squad members: Deceiver, OhMyGosh, Risk, TheDarkLord, MapleLeaf, Serendipity, CleverDisguise, DarkPegasus, Evidence, PoloCrosse, BroncRideCowgirl, GlassOnion, HonkingHorse, Pyrokinesis, Honorary, FriendOfStony, Aggies, Alligator, ShayBaby, ImmortalFate, DaringDelusion, Soritical, Pinkamena, PreciousOne, Sleek, HanoLover, LuvShoes, DarkestDesires, CrimsonShadows, Insignia, Goldie, Nimesa, Ollie
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