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I like contests that are (select as many as you want) ...
1. Random giveaways (anyone can enter, but no way to increase chances of winning)
2. HI2 knowledge/skill based (scavenger hunts, competitions, etc)
3. Raffle system (free ways to enter, but takes time/effort, able to increase chance of winning)
4. real life horse knowledge/skill based
5. creative and skill based (drawing, writing)
6. creative-based, no skill required (dress up contests)
7. Other (send us a suggestion to!)
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We have just a few site rules, in order to make our site friendly, safe, and so we can continue to add content!
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Esroh Legends is in NO way associated to the Official Horse Isle 2 game. This is a completely independent site run by normal HI2 players. Esroh Legends and HI2 accounts are NOT linked. We CANNOT fix your game problems.

1. Absolutely no stealing, copying, reproducing, plagiarizing of ANY of our site content. We have spent countless hours compiling information for this site, and for someone to steal it is just plain rude. If you are caught stealing our information or partaking/associated in the action, you will be banned without warning.

2. You may not sell or receive any sort of payment from using our site content. All information on this site is free. You will be completely banned from the site without any warnings.

3. You may not advertise any other Horse Isle fan sites on Esroh Legends.

4. Guests and members must follow all Horse Isle rules. This includes being rude, swearing, inappropriate behavior, etc.

5. Do not ask us when new content will be uploaded. We will try to add all information as soon as possible, so please be patient. If we are missing information, you can help us by sending a contact form.

*If you choose to ignore the rules, your account will be given a warning. After three warnings, your account will be banned. However, we reserve the right to ban accounts without warning if anything truly inappropriate or very much so against the rules occurs. Attempting to re-access the site through a new and false account will get you banned, again.

Disclaimer: Mirage says do not use your HI2 password when signing up for any site. We do not get your passwords (these are managed by Ucoz, not Esroh Legends), but there have been scams in the past where players set up a site in order to steal Horse Isle usernames and passwords, and hack into accounts. It is always recommended to use a thorough (capital, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols) password, and a different one for each website you use.

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