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I like contests that are (select as many as you want) ...
1. Random giveaways (anyone can enter, but no way to increase chances of winning)
2. HI2 knowledge/skill based (scavenger hunts, competitions, etc)
3. Raffle system (free ways to enter, but takes time/effort, able to increase chance of winning)
4. real life horse knowledge/skill based
5. creative and skill based (drawing, writing)
6. creative-based, no skill required (dress up contests)
7. Other (send us a suggestion to!)
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EDIT: All vole holes are up!
EDIT2: Our chatroom is up! Please keep all conversations PG13 ^^ Thanks. Have fun meeting new people!

New Breed:
 National Show Horse added to all appropriate pages.
Word Searches: 29/30 uploaded. Big thanks to IvorySteed and Risk. We are missing ONE more, if you know where it is, let us know! EDIT: Found it! Last one uploaded.
Quests: all 3 quests uploaded.

Also, all log jams(thanks to ReverseEagle!) and slider puzzles(thanks to BeamOfLight!) have been uploaded. :D More minigames will be coming soon, we've got people working on them ;)

Since school is starting up again and the rest of us admins are going to be busy, IvorySteed will be mainly taking control. Expect slower updates because we will have less time to ... Read more »
Views: 1238 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2010-08-24

New Breed: Oldenburg added to horse pages.
Esrohs: Artemis Esroh guide added.
Quests: All new quests added.
New Craftables: Both new craft plans added.

Also, all flower genetic guides have been added. Some more minigames will be coming soon. :)

Views: 916 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2010-08-15

Sorry for the wait guys! You've all been waiting for it....




(this will do, right?)

Helpers: Dreamy, ReverseEagle, BeamOfLight, AxJust, Torli, SerenitySnow 
Mods: MapleLeaf, TheDarkLord, Dementia

Welcome to the team, guys. ^^ Sorry if you didn't get picked, we selected those who we felt would be best suited for the job. 

Views: 1611 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2010-08-12

New Breed: Connemara added. 
Connemara has been added to appropriate pages (image on horse breeds has been added)

Esrohs: Hermes guide added to Esroh page.

Tanagramas: All but one tanagrama has been uploaded, which we are still missing the location & solution for. Know it? Drop it off in the contact form. EDIT: all Tanagramas uploaded.

Kataminos: All kataminos uploaded! 

White and Black Boot plan added to constructing craft page.

Enjoy. Thank you everyone who sent in the new minigames in. ^__^ You know who you are.

Reminder - if you are interested in joining Esroh Legends, the deadline is August 9 Monday @ 12am PST! No applications will be accepted after that. We'll be choosing the new staff members as soon as Ibis comes back from her trip. Except results thursday or friday, somewhere around then hopefully.

Help out with our horse color project! We have over 400 horse colors, but we're still not anywhere near all of them. So do submit :3 

Lastly, be sure you read our updated site and forum rules. When the new mods are in, they will be enforcing them and it will be entirely your fault if you get some warnings (which lead to a ban, by the way). So, read the rules, please.

That's all for now, enjoy. :D
Views: 1312 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2010-08-06

Hey guys! If you ever wanted to join the Esroh Legends team, here is your chance! Please read this topic: . Looking forward to seeing some of you guys on our team! :D DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS AUGUST 9, MONDAY AT 12AM PST.

Also, you can subscribe to our mailing list as well, in case we ever need to use it (which we will, in the future). Click on 'My profile' on the top, then click 'Edit user details' and check the 'Mailing list' box. ^_^ We will be able to sent emails directly to your email! Handy, eh? We'll be using it for very important notices.

We have started a horse color avatar project. That's well over 1000 pictures! Seems impossible, right? Well, it's not, if you guys help us out! We'll have all of the pictures up in no time. :) So please help contribute images of the horse colors. ^_^ (link:

And as of right now, we now have a total of 996 registered, of which 861 of them are verified HI2 users! Wow! Our site is getting big~ Thank you for all your support and please keep referring your friends to our site. ^_^ 

Phew~ Enjoy the site guys!
Views: 1098 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2010-08-03

We're pleased to announce that the winner of the Esroh Legends referral contest is.... MidNiteEyes!

Congrats MidNiteEyes, simply PM me or Vallina when we're online and you can collect your prizes.

Also wanted to let you know we have another surprise in the works, so check back soon.
Views: 963 | Added by: Ibis | Date: 2010-07-31

All horses pages have been completed (added Finnhorse, Australian Brumby, and Fell Pony information)

Working on getting a bunch of Flower Genetics on the site, will take me one or two more days.

The Referral contest is almost over!
Right now we have one person ahead of the rest, but a nice effort could upset the win. 
Please note that the prizes include a month sub token, 50k, and a full set of crafted tack.
Make sure you have your referred players PM Ibis On this site! Otherwise your point will not be counted!

Also wanted to let you guys know that I won't be contributing to the site as often, because I'm going to college! And will be studying really hard things! Then spending the rest of my free time doing homework!
But I promise to work on the site every once in a while, so poor Vallina won't get swamped.
Now would be an especially nice time for others to send in minigame solutions, guides, anything else you think would be handy to have on the site. We'd really appreciate it. ;)
Views: 1213 | Added by: Ibis | Date: 2010-07-29

Added the two new breeds.

Added some more quests (will finish the rest soon).

Added an etiquette guide, and a basic flower genetics guide, and one flower genetics solution (more will come later)

Note: for those who do not know, we have a lovely Ad Board on our site.  This allows you to post free advertisements for horses, items, etc. that more than 700 players can see.

Only a couple days left in our referral contest! Consider telling your friends to join, you could win a sub token and other prizes!
Views: 1090 | Added by: Ibis | Date: 2010-07-23

Added a couple of things:

-Awards page (under guides)
-2 bubble bonds (minigame page is finished; the last 3 bubble bonds are most likely in lost reef which is not yet accessible)
-8 sand castle moats
-2 crosswords
-Alpine Isle Labyrinth map!! (couple of bonuses in there, you'll want to check it out!)

So I did go through all the caves the other day... and also made some more maps, but they are really small and I don't think they're worth uploading since they're also very easy to get through. You can't get lost in them. So I won't be uploading them. (Also because I'm lazy -cough-) If you guys have any suggestions/requests you want of maps or something, post here and I'll consider.

Also, big thanks to Dreamy for contributing a ton of images and information for our plant/tree directory guide. ^^ It's nearly complete! If you guys have anymore information to add, please send us a mail through the contact form. 

Next up, I'll be working on the totem/obelisks locations. :) I'm sure you all want that, haha. 

Lastly, our referral contest. It ends July 31st. You MUST tell your referee to PM Ibis for it to count!! 

Views: 3033 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2010-07-17

Since there have been tons of requests for maps of the caves...


Here they are! Are you guys like this now?


5 Maps of the eastern mountain caves have been uploaded! Under the Guides link. And more are coming soon. :D 

But wait, why aren't there gems or treasure chest locations?!?  Treasure chests and mine spots will NOT and will NEVER be shown. This is to discourage people from hogging them. If you want to know the locations of them, go inside the cave(s) and search for them yourselves. And yes, the maps are not 100% perfect - there may be some black cut off parts, but the main deal is there. :) I'm sure the maps will benefit many people, so use them when you are lost! C:

Updates seem to be slow, right? However, we are st ... Read more »
Views: 6953 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2010-07-14

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