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I like contests that are (select as many as you want) ...
1. Random giveaways (anyone can enter, but no way to increase chances of winning)
2. HI2 knowledge/skill based (scavenger hunts, competitions, etc)
3. Raffle system (free ways to enter, but takes time/effort, able to increase chance of winning)
4. real life horse knowledge/skill based
5. creative and skill based (drawing, writing)
6. creative-based, no skill required (dress up contests)
7. Other (send us a suggestion to!)
Total of answers: 1402

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The contest is now closed for entries. Winners to be announced soon! :)

More contests and prizes coming soon, but for now...

Guess a number from 1-100!

There will be 3 winners for the 3 closest guesses, with Eternal server prizes.
First prize: 1 month sub
Second prize: 15 million
Third prize: 1 Zeus Token

Post your number below with your Eternal username to enter. One entry per person.
Reminder to guess numbers below 100! The number range is 1-100, not 1-1000. (: Thanks!
Contest ends December 23, 11:59 PM PST.

Views: 1961 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2016-12-08

New Breed: Spanish Mustang

New Companion: Reindeer Calf

New Quests: Three new quests.
ChantySan's New Instrument (35qp) [Intermediate]
LadyWellSpring's Jumping Arena Quiz (30qp) [Intermediate]
MrsLuteFisk's Tin Whistle (30qp) [Intermediate]

New Tack: Cat Saddle Blanket
Dog Saddle Blanket

- One new NPC Adventure.

  EDIT: Know where the newest adventure is? Please let us know!
- Encylopedias about the Companions of HI.
Views: 1425 | Added by: Person | Date: 2016-11-27 | Comments (4)

New Breed: Estonian Native Horse

New Companion: Dung Beetle

New Quests: Six new quests.
Cotton for LacewingBop (25qp) [Novice]
Fish for GnomeNucks (25 qp) [Novice]
HoneySan's Meeting Preparations (25 qp) [Novice]
Lenses for LadySpecs (25 qp) [Novice]
SirDesertRace's Desert Race Arena Quiz (30 qp) [Intermediate]
The Runaway Pony (50 qp) [Intermediate]

New Tack: Turkmenian Set

- Rewards for the NPC Adventure Maze changed.
- New 1m, 5m club donation options.

Esroh Legends:
Breeder's Directory has been reset.
Views: 2041 | Added by: Person | Date: 2016-10-01 | Comments (3)

New Breed: Marwari

New Companion: Chipmunk

New Quests: Four new quests.
LilJumper's Lass Problem (25 qp) [Novice]
LilWick's Summer Dream (25 qp) [Novice]
MarbleLass' Birthday Gift (35 qp) [Intermediate]
ReadySteadyGoSon's Jockey Quiz (30
 qp) [Novice]

New Crafted Items: White Saddle Blanket
Black Saddle Blanket

- Darker bud, club, and mod chats.
Added hair, skin, and eye colors. 
NPC Adventures: Talk to LadyTandem, AngleTon Arena Wagon.
                            Talk to MrHammerPrice, MarshTon Auctions.
Views: 1726 | Added by: Person | Date: 2016-07-14 | Comments (3)

New Breed: Plateau Persian

New Quests: Four new quests.
GalaxyLad's Egg Experiment (25 qp) [Novice]
HyacinthBop's Missing Spool of Yarn (25 qp) [Unrated]
MrAlbatross' Carving Project (25 qp) [Novice]
ReadySteadyGoSon's General Arena Quiz (
25 qp) [Novice]

- Stuffed pets, when added to a horse, will instantly and permanently get 50% bond.
Views: 1662 | Added by: Person | Date: 2016-05-31 | Comments (0)

New Companion: Teddy Bear

New Bonuses: 2 new bonus points.
Know what these are? Send them in!
Views: 1245 | Added by: Person | Date: 2016-05-04 | Comments (0)

Esroh Legends: Our Random page needs some more love!
Send in your HI2 screenshots! They can be screenshots of wilds doing strange things, player interaction, something funny, a glitch you found, anything at all.
Click here to submit your randoms!

New Companions: Red Panda, Atlas Moth

New Quests: Seven new quests.
A Fruit Salad for CaterpillarLass (25 qp) [Novice]
Apple Juice for CadmiumLad (25 qp) [Novice]
Grandmother Remedies for LadyVoyager (30 qp) [Novice]
MrWarmHeart's Medication (25 qp) [Novice]
New Decorations for PlainTon Inn (25 qp) [
The Joy of Babysitting (35 qp) [Novice]
TreeTopFur and the Furbur Picnic (50 qp) [Intermediate]

New Bonuses: 8 new bonus points, 7 left to find.
Know what these are? Send them in!
LadyRainbow's Missing Rainbow Ring  ... Read more »
Views: 2569 | Added by: Person | Date: 2016-04-10 | Comments (2)

Hi all, just wanted to share some posts from Mirage (HI2 admin) about recent updates since not everyone checks the forums.
The topic can be seen here:
Let's remember to thank the admins for all they've done in creating this fantastic game and be a little more patient for new updates. :)

"Sorry for the quiet guys. Not only do we have the online Horse Isle worlds that we work on, but we have a local business that we've been focusing heavily on for the last year and a half. This means that we get buried in a project and all of a sudden a month has passed.

Once I stopped hearing from our HI2 artist I kept holding out hoping that she would show up again. I've since given up that hope and am hoping to find someone else that will work out. I should know this week whether or not she'll work. Because of the artist limbo, I can't promise any kind of timeline on an update. I also only have one pseudo quest writer. This means I'm having to write any new quests instead of just editing them, which is time consuming (and not a lot of fun because I'm not a writer).

I'll try to pop into the other forums (not just the Bugs forum) once in a while. It definitely won't be daily, maybe not even weekly, but I'll check the ideas and such once in a while.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the frustration."

"A couple things:

Reviewing abuse reports and doing support is a daily thing. This means giving violations is a daily occurrence so long as players break the rules. The admins that review abuse reports, etc, have absolutely nothing to do with game development. Those are completely separate things. As I mentioned before, the admins that do the developing (myself and Jor) don't get ... Read more »
Views: 1710 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2016-03-20 | Comments (0)

Esroh Legends Minor edit: Foreign Isles guide combined with main Ranch guide.

New Quests: One new quest.
MissWhiteBeacon's Missing Glove (25 qp) [Novice]

New Bonuses: 8 new bonus points - 6 left to find.
Know what these are? Send them in!
Ruby in a Rock [2]

New Isle: Timbuktoo Isle (not viewable on map) added to Plant/Tree Directory and Hidden Isles page.
New Award: Lost in Place - given for 5 visits to Timbuktoo.

Views: 1525 | Added by: Vallina | Date: 2016-02-27 | Comments (0)

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