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Main » 2017 » July » 6 » Esroh Legends: Photobucket Image Issue
11:20 PM
Esroh Legends: Photobucket Image Issue
Hi everyone!

Photobucket recently changed their ToS and we can no longer display images hosted by Photobucket directly on Esroh Legends. We are currently in the process of transferring hundreds of photos to another image host. Thank you so much for your patience as we get back to normal!


Once again I'm tentatively saying that everything should be back up and running, including the By Isle sets.
There may be a few links attached to the wrong game, or two games' solutions switched around, or such - please report these if you think the game you're doing seems off; I'd rather check and fix them now than leave them for someone else to stare at in confusion.
Thank you for the patience, once again, hopefully we're finally through this. c:
Note: to avoid ads spamming your screen while viewing EL images, I recommend making a free PostImage account - the ads disappear when you're logged in. 

Views: 1639 | Added by: Vallina
Total comments: 12
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11 Arkeos   [Entry]
Great Circle Cave (East)
Great Circle Cave (West)
Links/pictures are switched/labeled incorrectly I believe

12 Person   [Entry]
I didn't even notice this comment, whoops.
You're right - swapped them, thank you!

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9 VaalbaraCreeps   [Entry]
The location of the chest in the Pentaville quest (The Town That Time Forgot) still has the photobucket issue. ^^

10 Person   [Entry]
Fixed, thank you! (:

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5 CowgirlLulu   [Entry]
The white isle cave guides do not work either

6 Person   [Entry]
Do you mean the yeti caves? (: Fixed.

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8 CowgirlLulu   [Entry]
Thank you!

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4 Puppychow490   [Entry]
A few picture before worked by opening them in a new tab, however, now even that doesnt work!
*Specifically speaking about the pictures used in MrRiatas Coral Quest* 

Thank you for your time and hard work! Its greatly appreciated smile

7 Person   [Entry]
Plains quests (including that one) now up, I'll take a look at others tomorrow. (:

(Thank you for sticking around while we sort this out and helping me find broken images!)

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1 Malfoy   [Entry]
The Twin Rivers Vole Hole photos are still broken. ^^ Even when opening up in a new tab or viewing it normally.

2 Person   [Entry]
Ahh, that's interesting, I thought all links would still be up. Should be fine (and loading faster) now, thanks!

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3 Malfoy   [Entry]
No worries!

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