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I like contests that are (select as many as you want) ...
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3. Raffle system (free ways to enter, but takes time/effort, able to increase chance of winning)
4. real life horse knowledge/skill based
5. creative and skill based (drawing, writing)
6. creative-based, no skill required (dress up contests)
7. Other (send us a suggestion to!)
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Main » 2018 » December » 27 » New Year Giveaway!
0:33 AM
New Year Giveaway!

And here are the winners! Enjoy! :)

#10 - StrawberryMoon (LC) - Month sub
#2 - Junior (ET) - Month sub
#20 - Sunshine (LC) - Month sub
#3 - Scarlet (LC) - Month sub
#12 - JitterBug (ET) - Month sub
#8 - Arvella (ET) - 5 Zeus tokens
#11 - AshesAndFire (ET) - 5 Zeus token
#14 - Storm (LC) - Month sub
#21 - DreamingFilly (LC) - Month sub
#18 - Pickle (ET) - 5 Zeus Tokens
#16 - Morality (ET) - 5 Zeus Tokens


Happy Holidays and happy New Year everyone!

Let's do a quick giveaway. Name one thing you are looking forward to in the upcoming year. It could be real life related or Horse Isle (3? ;)) related.

One entry per person, please also include your username and server you would like the prize on. We'll give away several random prizes, including money, and subs, and tokens!

This contest will end on 1/4/19 11:59 PST.


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Total comments: 20
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20 cottrellm16  
i'm excited for my puppy's first birthday in February.

DreamingFilly HI2-lifecycle

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19 Sunshine  
I'm very excited to be finishing up my second year of Pharmacy school. I have a rotation coming up at the end of the summer that I am looking forward to as I don't have any experience in hospital pharmacy yet and I think it will be an awesome opportunity smile

Sunshine on HI2 Lifecycle

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18 Arisen  
I'm looking forward to moving back to the East Coast and being near my friends and family again. I've been living on the West Coast the past 2 years and I've missed them so much.

~ Arisen on Life Cycle

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17 Pickle  
I'm looking forward most to expanding my indoor and outdoor gardens! Since moving out of home I've really discovered a passion for nature and can't wait to propagate my plant babies to grow mini forests.

- Pickle on Eternal

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16 baba  
Im looking forward to another semester of college, my 2nd baby to be born, and of course, hi 3 [:

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15 Tigacat  
I'm excited for HI3 and to discover what I am interested to pursue in in university! I'm ready to try and make more time for self care as well, and to look after myself better this year

Morality on ET (:

-1 Spam
14 mymerivam1  
Looking forward to defending my thesis, completing my masters degree, and finally getting 75% quests done! Also HI3 will be interesting!

Desiderata, LifeCycle

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13 Storm  
I'm looking forward to playing with the new D&D group I've created with some classmates! It's a chance for me to make friends and bond over something we're all passionate about xd

Storm on Life Cycle

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12 tytoalba  
After 5 years and newborn twins, I am excited to be graduating with a bachelors degree this year!

TytoAlba HI2 Lifecycle

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11 Gallant  
I am looking forward to getting my life in a better place and taking care of myself. I also can't wait for HI3!!

JitterBug Eternal

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10 AshesAndFire  
I'm looking forward to having a mini Christmas on New Year's day with my friends and getting to make pancakes with them smile
-AshesAndFire on Eternal

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9 StrawberryMoon  
I am looking forward to getting a new horse (in real life) next year! My aunt has one right now, so I'm super excited for her to have a new buddy!! I'm also looking forward to horse isle 3 ;))
*~StrawberryMoon HI2 Life Cycle~*

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8 peach  
I am very excited to move to California to be with my sister, who is studying there for University. My sisters, my mom, some of my nieces, and I plan on going there to live with her. I want to spend more time with her, because the last two years without her have been really sad. 
~ PeachMoon HI2 Lifecycle

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7 Lacerate  
I'm looking forward to the self improvement and being able to look back this time next year and see how the challenges that I get through the year shape me into a better person through the choices I make (hopefully! lol)
Also, I'm really looking forward to seeing the new art that HI3 has to offer!

Arvella, ET biggrin

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6 missingphoenix  
I'm looking forward to starting to jump my old man (24 year old OTTB).

MissingPhoenix on Life Cycle

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5 Sagittarius  
I look forward to ApHC Shows with my colt! I cannot wait to get in the show ring and do some halter, and most colorful classes! 

Sagittarius on HI2 LifeCycle.

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4 DarkWar  
I look forward to working with my new Paint filly this year and training a young horse from the beginning!!
Niffler HI2

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3 Cupcake  
I am looking forward to graduating high school, moving 200 miles away from home, and experiencing a lot of personal growth in the process.
- Scarlet on Life Cycle

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2 Pyro  
I am very excited to go traveling in the new year. Also buying my very first car. 
Junior on Et.

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1 CottonPuff  
I'm looking forward to graduating and finding a good university to study in! Would like to pursue something that I am really interested at and have some fun studying xD

History on HI2.

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