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I like contests that are (select as many as you want) ...
1. Random giveaways (anyone can enter, but no way to increase chances of winning)
2. HI2 knowledge/skill based (scavenger hunts, competitions, etc)
3. Raffle system (free ways to enter, but takes time/effort, able to increase chance of winning)
4. real life horse knowledge/skill based
5. creative and skill based (drawing, writing)
6. creative-based, no skill required (dress up contests)
7. Other (send us a suggestion to!)
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Main » 2017 » October » 1 » October Game Update!
8:48 AM
October Game Update!
New Breed: Dutch Tuigpaard

New Companion: Chinchilla

New Quests: Four new quests.
Around the World of Horse Isle (100qp) [Advanced]
Bonus: IcyNucks' Shiny Things [2], MadamFromage's Lost Bag [1], Hidden Chest on Desert Isle [3]
Baking Bread with LadyWaffler (35qp) [Novice]
MrMagician's House Escape (50qp) [Intermediate]
(Other Isle Quests)
Bonus: Fix MrMagician's Chair [1], Fix MrMagician's Couch [1], MrMagician's Rug [2]
MrsTradeWinds' Embroidery Supplies (25qp) [Novice]

New Bonuses: 14 new bonus points. 17 found...
Congratulations on being better at finding bonuses than should be possible. (;
MissAppleTart's Red Apple [2]
Ride a Seesaw [1], Ride a Slide [1], Ride a Swing [1],
Spin on a Merry-Go-Round [1], Swing on the Monkey Bars [1]

- Mail notification when logging in is now bolded.
- Playground equipment can be used, for the child in all of us.
- Low detail Diamond, Tardisian barns.
- Cheaper Esroh Talismans.
- More NPC that will buy specific items from you.
- New NPC quests from MadamSweetLace and LadyRibbons. (NPC Occupations)
- NPC quests can also be seen through the Community board in city halls.
- Interactive NPC at the benches of HI. (NPC Encounters)
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18 Mystical   [Entry]
this is not a bonus but i just saw this and figured you would need to update your quests too xD on angled sub-isles Bend Isle you forgot one. after a long talk with SheepKins you get another quest other than the lupine one. she gives you riddles and you need to figure of the favourite treats of her sheep. This may vary but for me Penny's was a four leaf-clover Mag's was red apples and Dixie's was green apples. depending on how many mistakes you made you get wool. i made 3 so i got 70 pieces of wool and 30 quest points. name is Treats to The Sheep.

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15 OswinOswald   [Entry]
Figured out the map! 
Desert Isle - Fable oasis (left and right from the oasis are pyramids placed ^ O ^). 
Go from the west pyramid, from the south west point (where you had to stand for the quest) and move south to the dine (cca 46ft). Then move 26ft east, then 24ft south and then west. Dig there. 
Some gems along with 3 bonus points are found ^^ 

(After that return to SafariSon to give him back the map) 

P.S. On Seashell isle, near sand castle appears: 'There are small hoofs signs on the ground.' I tried to use all tools, and searched whole isle but can't figured it out. Any thoughts?

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16 LaGitana   [Entry]
Check your quests in progress regarding the hoof prints. Are you looking for a missing hoofed animal, perchance? :-)

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17 OswinOswald   [Entry]
Sorry, I forgot to answer! No, not at all. I have finished all of my quests and have currently none in progress or to be started (100% on quests)

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19 mymerivam1   [Entry]
I also came across these footprints notification on Seashell Isle just now. Any progress on knowing what these are for?

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20 Arsonist   [Entry]
Would love to be updated when anything new is found about this! Bumped into it a few times not and the curiosity is eating away at me!

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8 RedPony   [Entry]
Bonus - bench at meadowton - play with dog
Bonus - bench at plainton - play with cat

9 Person   [Entry]
Those aren't bonuses with points, they're slightly different, but thank you! ^-^

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12 RedPony   [Entry]
nope, no points, but still a bonus wink you get a gem from each animal

13 Person   [Entry]
Since the bonus page just keeps track of bonuses that have points attached, I'll actually add those to the Random NPC Encounters page when I get a chance. (:
Thank you!~

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6 Circean   [Entry]
I sent a contact form about this, but you may not have received it. There's a bonus called MissAppleTart's Red Apple worth 2 points. You have to feed a red apple to MissAppleTart, a cow near the barn on Curvy Isle.

11 Person   [Entry]
I don't see contact forms - Vallina checks those, and she hasn't been on in a while. c:
Thank you for posting here too - added.

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4 OswinOswald   [Entry]
Have you figured out what to do with the Black Bag and an Ancient Map that are left from 'Around the World of HI'? =)

5 Person   [Entry]
Trying to figure it out! c:
Suggestions welcome, if you've done one/both, or I'll take another look when I have time to be online. (HI, apparently, finds it hilarious to update exactly when I'm busy.)

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7 RedPony   [Entry]
The bag goes to one of the residents in Sunny Glade who makes cheese. Just ask at the houses, the option will come up.

10 Person   [Entry]
Thank you! (:

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14 OswinOswald   [Entry]
Thank you! ^^ Have had the whole list of possible occupations that need wax lol Good work! :3 
P.S. NPC is called MadamFromage

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3 JadeCade   [Entry]
bonus points can be found by playing on certain playgrounds, the ones in PlainTon and MeadowTon for sure.

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1 Stark   [Entry]
Hello- Cop here. I have finished Around the World of Horseisle. If you need help with locations, feel free to Mail me on HI2.

2 Person   [Entry]
Thank you for the offer, but I've done it myself, everything should be up tomorrow. ^-^

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