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I like contests that are (select as many as you want) ...
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4. real life horse knowledge/skill based
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Main » 2010 » July » 18 » Some more things...
7:06 PM
Some more things...
Added a couple of things:

-Awards page (under guides)
-2 bubble bonds (minigame page is finished; the last 3 bubble bonds are most likely in lost reef which is not yet accessible)
-8 sand castle moats
-2 crosswords
-Alpine Isle Labyrinth map!! (couple of bonuses in there, you'll want to check it out!)

So I did go through all the caves the other day... and also made some more maps, but they are really small and I don't think they're worth uploading since they're also very easy to get through. You can't get lost in them. So I won't be uploading them. (Also because I'm lazy -cough-) If you guys have any suggestions/requests you want of maps or something, post here and I'll consider.

Also, big thanks to Dreamy for contributing a ton of images and information for our plant/tree directory guide. ^^ It's nearly complete! If you guys have anymore information to add, please send us a mail through the contact form. 

Next up, I'll be working on the totem/obelisks locations. :) I'm sure you all want that, haha. 

Lastly, our referral contest. It ends July 31st. You MUST tell your referee to PM Ibis for it to count!! 

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Total comments: 10
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10 CreamyPalomino   [Entry]
OK, I realize that it's unlikely this will be read because it's so late.

But I would really like to see the cave maps for Blue Mountain Isle. Thanks!

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8 Perspective   [Entry]
blink i dont get it wacko Probably cause i read that to fast wink

0 Spam
9 BeamOfLight   [Entry]
What do you don't get? huh

0 Spam
6 Vallina   [Entry]
We're not missing some marble slides, we're missing ALL of them. XD Those are really difficult to do and we have to video record it as well. Hmm..

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5 MeekAhPooh   [Entry]
Definitely the most complete HI2 website that I've found--keep up the good work--I know how hard y'all have worked on this!!

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4 LaughingDaisy   [Entry]
Thanks so much! The map for Alpine Isle Labyrinth is fantastic! smile

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2 MidRoseMika   [Entry]
Thanks for all your hard work on this amazing website! do you think you would do a map for the flower isle maze(s)?

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3 Vallina   [Entry]
That's a good idea, I'll check it out.

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7 Wolf   [Entry]
Good idea? Man, that'd be a miracle. It'd save me time so I wouldn't have to run through it to find my friend whenever she decides she's bored... Haha

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1 BeamOfLight   [Entry]
Yay more crosswords hands I'm unable to complete a single crossword without your guide biggrin

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