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Main » 2018 » July » 9 » Summer Giveaway! What are you excited for in HI3?
4:14 PM
Summer Giveaway! What are you excited for in HI3?
And, here are the random winners!

1 month sub winners:
MiaPepper - Eternal
Saphi, Eternal
Afterglow, Eternal
RearingGirl, LifeCycle
RussianBot, LifeCycle

1 zeus token winners:
PiggyApple, Eternal
Valentino, Eternal
LittleMoon, Eternal
Joys, Eternal
Chatterbox, Eternal
DazzleBerry, Eternal
Heartbeats, Eternal
ViolinRose, Eternal
JitterBug, Eternal
OpenZebra, Eternal
Feline, Eternal
Bottlewater, Eternal
LuckyHorse, Eternal
GreyMane, Eternal
Sunday, Eternal
DesertRose, Eternal
Weird, LifeCycle
BreyerHorseLover, LifeCycle
Ariella, LifeCycle
Pokey, LifeCycle

Enjoy your prizes! And you can check out the updates on HI3 here on the official website:

Hope everyone's summer is going great!

With the news of the upcoming Horse Isle 3 in the air, what are you excited for in the third Horse Isle game? Are you excited for more minigames? Quests? A blend of fantastical and realistic worlds?

We'll be giving away up to 5 month sub tokens and 20 zeus tokens. Comment below your thoughts for HI3 below and your username/server and you'll be randomly entered to win one of these prizes.

This contest will end on July 23, 11:59 PM.
Views: 546 | Added by: Vallina
Total comments: 611 2 3 4 »
I cant wait to see what the graphic will be like and to see if there will be a different interactive system biggrin

I'm excited for the possible horses and quests that would be introduced to the game, as well as the hopefully new community that would spring from its release.

Sunday / Eternal

It will be awesome to have everyone on the same page and seeing what the horses will look like! biggrin

SilverAppaloosa - LifeCycle

I can't wait for it to come out but I hope there will be a breeding system of some kind like Life Cycle has.

I'm excited for HI3! I hope they keep a storyline like they did with the Esrohs, and that the competitions will be as entertaining. I'm a little worried about how drastically the graphics will change everything though, I'm pretty fond of how HI2 looks. I did like the pegasus/unicorn/cloud isle concept from HI1, though I doubt they'd bring that back. The magical element of the Esrohs I hope they keep, however.
Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

LoveBugLily, Eternal


WolfHound /Life Cycle

I can't wait for HI3 to come out! I'm sure the graphics will be amazing (with improved genetics for the horses, I heard?) and I hope that they keep developing the quests and NPCs with their own opinions and personalities. I'd also like to the competition minigames a bit more varied.. Very very exciting!

FireFly (Eternal)

I'm soo excited to have a brand new start and have everyone start at the same place again! It'll be so cool seeing how they improve HI3 and I'm excited for everything! The new wilds, quests, art, etc ,etc!!

RearingGirl (Life Cycle)

I'm looking forward to starting from fresh + I'm hoping the world will be quite realistic, like that of HI2. smile

Valentino, Eternal.

the music hands

The new graphics and wilds! i cannot wait to see how they have improved as it was such a big jump from HI1 to HI2, so i am expecting great things for HI3 biggrin

WarriorDerp/Life Cycle

I'm interested to see how the whole 'clubs will serve in the role of towns' mechanic will work. It'd be loads of fun to build and maintain a town, assuming that's what Jor meant. I guess he means clubs will be hubs of commerce and what-not, and NPC's will live in villages like they do on sub isles in HI2. It'll be interesting to see what that mechanic turns out to be once the game launches. 

RussianBot, LC

Wild horses!   My favorite activity on Legend of Esrohs is the wild hunting.  They are already working on that part, I found from the last update on the site, and I'm super excited about it.  Wilds are fun to find, and I look forward to seeing the new game mechanic in HI3, and adapting to it and finding those wilds! smile

LittleMoon,  Eternal server biggrin

Pretty excited, just because I've been on Horse Isle since 2007. Horse Isle 2 was so amazing to me when it first came out, and the third version of it is going to be just as great. With new graphics and all. Sad that the first versions will be unplayable though! 

DesertRose ET

Honestly, I'm so excited to see the graphics and how different they're going to make HI3. I bet this will be a real good game considering they have trial and errored in HI1 - HI2 LC and Et. It'll be great for a large number of HI fans to come to one game.

Super excited! Especially if there are new islands, quests, minigames, and esrohs! :3

-I really hope the graphics are better (not that HI2 has bad ones), but I tend to have more lag lately.  I've checked my computer, and my service, all seems to be checked out. But no worries, I enjoy using the compass instead because I don't have to move that much xD
I'm always up for new challenges! Show us what you guys got! ^^

AntMan, Eternal

I didn't even know about HI3 until I saw this, but now I'm super excited. I love 1 and 2, but I'm a bit bored now that I'm nearly done with all the quests. So having a new game to move on to would be awesome. Not that I could ever truly give up on the previous versions. There isn't a lot of info on 3 yet, so I can't give much input. Though I do like the idea of somehow combining breeding with eternal horses that's been floating around. Haven't a clue how that might be implemented, but it's an interesting thought.
On the whole, I'm excited about this and eager for updates and more info. happy

-Rainstorm (LC and Eternal)/AutumnStory (HI1 Pinto)

I'm somewhat excited about HI3. It's nice to start over but what I'm more concerned with is the graphics. If the graphics ain't no good I ain't playing.

I do wonder what an infinite world will be like surprised will it have that islandy-adventure feel of Windwaker and you can buy your own boat?(zelda geek here) Will the isles have lots of details in them that make them a sight-see to look at unlike bland-old HI2? oooh I can't wait to find out!

-Joys, Eternal

I'm very much excited about HI3. I'm looking forward to hunting wilds in 3D! That will be very interesting. I wonder if the graphics will be realistic, similar to StarStable? though that would take a LOT of years to develop. Either way it's very exciting

Afterglow, Eternal

I'm excited for a new game. New is always fun and exciting. =) And I hope they have unicorns <3
- Arisen (LifeCycle)

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